Royal Panda 9GAG Instagram Challenge

Bag €1,000 from the Royal Panda

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Instagram is a popular platform, maybe even more popular than Facebook nowadays. It seems that everyone is on Instagram, even Royal Panda!

The famous casino has launched a new challenge for its players. Together with 9GAG, the online casino website is offering its players a chance to win cash by finishing a challenge on Instagram with a Royal Panda filter. Believe us when we say, this is something you want to be a part of. Read on for more details!

A Royal Panda Star on Instagram

Who wants to be an influencer when you could be a royal panda? The casino teamed up with 9GAG and opened one of the easiest contests in the world.

All you need to do is visit 9GAG’s page on Instagram and follow the instructions for the challenge. You will need the Royal Panda IG filter and a good camera – and let the game begin!

The little Royal Panda IG filter game can win you up to €1,000, so it’s far from a joke. Ten luckiest of players who succeed in finishing the challenge will receive €1K in cash – wager-free, if we may add. The cash you get will be yours to do with it as you please. Oh, and there’s more – you might be featured on the 9GAG page!

The Challenge

The rules are simple: you are to try and catch five gold coins in your mouth while looking like a panda. Okay, this might be confusing for you – you need to use the Royal Panda IG filter to look like a little panda and start recording. If you successfully catch five coins on the video, you can upload it and tag the challenge.

Make sure you tag it correctly – put the hashtag #royalpandafortune along with an emoji of your national flag.

The casino will then pick 10 random winners to receive the cash prizes.

The deal expires on November the 9th, so don’t waste time. Become an Instagram star and a royal panda and win €1,000.

Good luck!


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