Conjure Up Magical Wins by Playing Roulette for LeoVegas Casino’s Birthday!

January 11, 2019 Staff Writer Casino Bonuses & Promotions, LeoVegas Casino 135

One of your favourite online casinos – LeoVegas – is celebrating its 7th birthday!

Being a true King (on mobile gaming), this top-notch establishment has prepared magical surprises this month for all of its players and visitors.

In order to get in with it you will need to visit LeoVegas casino and play Live Roulette until 24th of January. The luckiest of you, who his three of the same magic number wins will be in for up to €150 the very next day.


There is cash up for grabs every day at LeoVegas online casino and this is how you can hope to grab some for you.

Play LeoVegas Live Roulette table between 17:00 and 23:59 from Sunday to Thursday during the promo period and win straight-up with a minimum bet of €2 three times on LeoVegas’ magic combination of numbers and you’ll collect from €50 to €150 prize the next day.

Qualifying numbers are different for each week of the promotion and here’s how it goes.

With the first week already up, it’s worth mentioning that all players who won 3x on 30 red, 20 black and 18 red scooped the prize. As for the second week, you need to win the following until 17th January 2019:

  • Win 3x on 7 red
  • Win 3x on 13 black
  • Win 3x on 0 green

Happy Birthday, Leo!

The final week brings a special birthday surprise from leoVegas.

Starting from the 20th to the 24th of January 2019 – during the same timeframe as above – LeoVegas is adding another week of magic number treats with extra magic combinations that include these numbers – 7, 17 and 27.

Such a symbolic way to celebrate your SEVENTH birthday, isn’t it?