Claim a Win-Win Chip for a Win-Win Game Over at Captain Rizk Casino!

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How would be best define a win-win game?

Ina dictionary form, this would be a situation in which all participants gain something from it and we have smiles all around us. A win-win game is also a collaborative force intended to secure a mutual benefit and accommodate all participants involved.

Well, with full respect to definitions above, it’s more than fair to say that Rizk Casino made sure to achieve a win-win situation with their latest promo offer called…well…more than conveniently…s win-win chip!

Those of you already acquainted with the Captain will know that he is a customer-oriented guy who spends his every free moment pondering and thinking about how to please his friends and visitors.

Well, it seems he had one of those EUREKA moments with his Win-Win Chip which will either boost your winnings or help recover your losses.

And there you have it – a win-win game!

So, let’s get a closer look at how this promo works, shall we? Here it is – when you activate your Win-Win Chip at Rizk Casino, there is a hour or two – exactly 60 or 120 minutes – of playing time available. During this time window Rizk Casino will reward you with bonus cash regardless of whether you’re winning or losing.

This is what you can hope to get:

  • 10% Winnings Boost
  • 20% Losses Recovery

Once the chip is activated, you will be notified at the top-left side of your screen. Once the time is up, your bonus amount(s) will automatically be calculated, after which the Captain will put a new item into your rewards section.

Click on it and add top up your account. As simple as that!

Mind you! This is very important! For those of you wondering when would the win-win chip arrive, there is no telling of that. You need to stay alert and check your emails regularly.


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