Combine Cards and Win massive Prizes at LeoVegas Casino

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Leo Vegas casino has prepared an awesome promotion just for you this May.

Coming home tired, after a busy day at work, lying in front of TV and switching channels without even watching them is no longer an option. Leo Vegas decided to shake you up a little bit and spice up your work days. Relax in your comfortable armchair and log on to your account where Leo Cards Combo is waiting for you.

Leo Cards Combo

Leo Card Combo promotion period lasts from every Monday to Thursday for three consecutive weeks starting 7 May.

Each qualifying period is from 19:00 to 02:00 CEST of the following day and every gameplay outside the promotional period is not valid. Play for bonus cards on the selected blackjack tables in the Chambre Separe for daily cash prizes and each card you collect will give you points towards the €10.000 leaderboard.

Chambre Separe offers you a chance to collect three types of cards, gold, silver or bronze.

Gold bonus cards can be collected at LeoVegas VIP Blackjack. Silver bonus cards are available at Dansk Celebrity Blackjack and LeoVegas Live Blackjack 3 while Bronze bonus cards are available at Celebrity Blackjack Party, LeoVegas Sports Blackjack and LeoVegas Live Blackjack 2. LeoVegas is giving away cash prizes and the combination is the key.

Different Combos, Different Prizes!

Each blackjack shoe contains two bonus cards and only card collected within the same qualifying period will get a cash prize.

Each color represents a different amount that players can win. Three Bronze cards bring you €25, three silver €50 while three gold award you with €75.But that’s not all. Each bonus card gives you point towards the leaderboard’s top 20 and your share of €10.000 prize pool. Bronze card gives you 2.5 points, silver 5 while gold card is worth the most, 7.5 points.

First place on the leaderboard wins €3.000, second place €1.500 while third place wins €800. Places from 4 to 9 win €500 and places from 10 to 13 win €250 each. Players that land on places from 14 to 20 will be rewarded with €100.

Join now, play for bonus cards and collect your points towards the €10.000 leaderboard.


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