Light up February with Massive $100,000 Giveaway at Black Diamond Casino!

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It’s the biggest giveaway of the year so far! Black Diamond Casino is taking things to the next level with the new $100,000 giveaway this February.

All you need to do is visit the venue, deposit some money, and start playing games. It seems easy, right? That’s because it is. Spin your best spin and you might take home $50,000!

So Good but It Is True

The newest deal at Black Diamond casino is off the charts. You can up to $50,000 just by playing your favourite games!

The rules are just like as we explained above – visit, deposit, and play. However, there are a couple of details to keep in mind.

The minimum deposit amount for this promo is $100. Make sure to deposit at least $100 during February, and the casino will automatically enrol you in the promo.

Once you get in, you will have a choice of three slot games for collecting Leader board points. Those games are:

Each $1 that you wager in any of the selected games will count as 1 point for the Tournament.

Green February

The second month of 2020 has not even started, but it is already promising excellent fun. From the looks of it, the only colour that you will be seeing is green!

The available prizes are outstanding. The winner takes home $50,000, while the rest of the prize pool is split between 29 other players.

The prize for the second place is $25,000, while third place wins $10,000.

The winnings will be distributed a day after the end of the promotion, i.e. 1st of March.

That reminds us, the promotion lasts from February 1st (00:00) to February 29th (23:59) UTC+1.

Hurry up and be the first player to qualify for this magnificent deal!


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