Planet 7 Casino Takes you on Exclusive Exploration Mission

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Online casinos around the globe constantly invent ways to retain players and keep them around for as long as possible.

Some of them are doing a great job in their player-oriented campaigns but others have taken their efforts up a huge notch, such as Planet 7 Casino and their exclusive weekly promotions which feature your favourite games and top-of-the-line bonuses.


Coming as a sensational test to your adventurous spirit, Planet 7 Casino’s Explore Further missions – brought back by popular demand – act as the biggest confirmation of this gambling venue’s vision and care towards their esteemed players.

Through its four-level mission, Planet 7 Casino offers Free Spins to be collected with 255 free spins to be grabbed the further you go and a whopping 250% NO MAX bonus on the following four slot games:

  • Megaquarium
  • Mermaid Queen
  • Goldenbeard
  • Enchanted Garden II


Imagine waking up on Planet 7 surrounded by fish and water. No, you’re not thrown into an ocean – it’s an aquarium. A giant one. Deposit $30 or more with the promo code GOFISH30 and swim towards the surface for a 250% no max bonus and 30 free spins on offer.

Mermaid Queen

Imagine this plot twist – you’ve held your breath long enough to have a peek over the top of the Megaquarium only to find out you’ve been surrounded by water this whole time. What do you do next?

You type in MERMONEY50 to grab a 250% no max bonus with 50 free spins on this wonderful game.


Where there are mermaids, there are pirates as well. This adventure keeps its steady high-adrenaline pace throughout as you fight your way through having already redeemed the first two codes. You are now encouraged to type the code TREASUREMAP75 for a 250% no max bonus and 75 free spins.

Enchanted Garden II

And finally, as you reach the solid land and make your way into the green, the lush forest is there to reward you with a treasure chest buried deep inside the enchanted garden. Roll up your sleeves and start digging to FINDGOLD100 with another 250% no max bonus and mindboggling 100 free spins.


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