Play and Earn Relics at Kaboo Casino for a Hatful of Surprises

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Casino veterans and newbies alike will find plenty to enjoy over at Kaboo Casino, an online establishment running from 2015.

A lavish science fiction style and atmosphere this casino venue is wrapped in might be an acquired taste but it’s hard to argue with the fact hat Kaboo casino looks impressive inside and outside.

Kaboo, KaBOOM!

‘Kaboo is the place you come to when you’re looking for that something extra.’

This to the last word is exactly how Kaboo Casino self-describes its essence in order to get you excited and enticed to join in. A simple mention of the latest and greatest online casino slots would have been enough in our opinion.

This gambling venue is a first-class mobile casino you can rely on to produce only the top-notch experience which – in no small part – is helped by the idea of RELICS.

What are Relics?

Simply put, they are small gift boxes with surprises in them. Every Relic contains a myriad of different prizes you are guaranteed to win at least one of. On top of that, there is a chance to land a massive jackpot with the help from Relics so you better make sure not to miss out on them.

How to get Relics?

You will earn relics while playing casino games at Kaboo. The more you play, the more levels you will go through and more Relics you’ll unlock. Relics can also e earned by completing missions so make sure to look out for these on your Mission page.

Hatful of Surprises!

A guaranteed and a SURPRISE prize is hidden within each Relic. No one really knows what you’ll win but there is a selection of prizes you can hope to land which goes as follows:

  • Jackpot
  • Cash
  • Credits
  • Bonus

Jackpot is naturally the most appealing as it’s that big one to look for, with a massive pile of cash up for grabs. As for the Cash part, it’s as simple as one would guess – it’s all about getting cash directly funnelled into your account.

Credits are also an exciting gift to receive knowing they can be used to buy Free Spins on the Credit page which can be later used on your favourite casino game for a chance to potentially hit lucrative winnings.

And ultimately a Bonus, which is the money that needs to wagered 20 times before it’s allowed to be withdrawn as cash.

In the end, all we have to say to you is – have fun and get rewarded! But remember, a Relic will expire within 72 hours from the time it’s been received so make sure to have a look at the clock at all times.


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