St. Patrick Pushes Your Luck at Energy Casino

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Leprechauns are ruling this month and your luck is in!

Stir St. Patrick’s pot and grasp your lucky golden coins with Energy Casino hosting this year’s charming tournament of luck.

The Games – Green Is the Colour

St. Patrick has made this incredible opportunity to win available with all games inspired by him and his Irish culture, so you can try your luck with:

The Rules

The promotion in question is an equalised score tournament, which means that all the winners will be announced on the basis of their biggest win, over 50 consecutive spins, proportional to the bet value.

Equalised score tournaments are all about equality and fair chances for all players, so every single player has the chance to win as equally as others. In other words, no matter what the spinning value, you still have the same chance of winning as other competitors. The system is called ‘level the playing field’, and it works as follows:

Win €1 / Stake € 0.20, your score is (1/0.20) = 5

Win €100 / Stake €20, your score is (100/20) = 5

The Prizes

St. Patrick has been particularly generous this year as he has brought luxurious prizes for the top players with the most successful playing throughout the promo.

The absolute champion gets 50 Super EnergySpins.

The follow-up gets 20 Super EnergySpins, and the third best player will get 10 Super EnergySpins. But St. Patrick, benevolent as he is, provided 10 Super EnergySpins for players taking positions 4 to 10, and another bunch of 5 Super EnergySpins for clients taking the 11th down to the 30th position. So everyone wins basically!

The promotion began on 15th March 2018 00:00 CET and it ends on 18th March 2018 at exactly 23:59 CET.

And as the saying goes, what easy comes, easy goes – do not let your happiness slip from your fingers!

Run after it and snatch it, for it is all up for grabs, NOW!


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