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Top Online Casino Tournaments for Your Favourite Casino Games

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Casino games are fun, but have you ever tried casino tournaments? These exclusive events are perhaps the best part of a casino experience. Today, tournaments are held for almost all traditional games in gambling venues. From international competitions held in land-based venues to exclusive virtual contests, your options are limitless.

To help you understand casino tournaments properly, we devised a complete guide to these elite events. We focused on the nature and types of matches, and we even included top contests for all casino games.

Getting Started with Casino Tournaments

Players ask us all the time, what’s so special about casino tournaments? And we always say that the answer is simple – they are fun. Mostly, they serve as an opportunity for the players to show off their high skills in playing a specific game. When playing games in casino stops being fun, the players turn to tournaments because they are a bigger adventure.

The Basics

So how do casino tournaments work? Again, it’s simple – players pick an event and sign up for it. Before you get to play, you need to pay attention to several criteria. For instance, tournaments may differ in terms of the entry rules. The easiest option is the freeroll tournaments where participants only have to fill out an application. There is no entry fee for these events. However, if there is, then we are looking at a fixed entry fee competition. That includes a sum that is the same for all players every time. However, the high-class contests typically go with the buy-in option. Before the games begin, all partakers purchase a bundle of either cash or chips (if it’s for table games). Finally, the most restrictive, VIP events are available only for top-tier customers. To get into one of these, the punters require a members-only invitation.

Some competitions also have rules about betting limits, while others impose strict time limits. There are also knockout competitions where participants play for a chance to stay in the game. But the best part of each contest is the prize pot.

There are four types of prizes at these events. First, there could be a prize pool, which consists of entry fees and buy-ins that the players paid (or a part of it). There could also be a fixed prize amount, which never changes, and the organizers guarantee for it. Then there are the jackpot tournaments. They are similar to the first type, and the only difference is that the winner takes everything. Finally, in case you are into slot games, you can partake in slot tournaments that often include Free Spins as the reward.

Now that we covered the basics of online casino tournaments let’s see what games you can play at these events.

Main Tournaments

Over the years, casinos have invented tournaments for almost any game that you can think of. The most famous example is the poker tournaments (more on that below) which take place in all parts of the world. But that is just a fragment of what you will find once you dive into the pro section of gambling. Let’s see what types of tournaments you can find for each casino game.


Poker tournaments are, simply put, the pinnacle of exclusivity in casino entertainment. There are dozens of such events, with the most famous being the World Series of Poker. You can also find numerous online poker events, and they are hosted around the world. Virtually, no matter where you are, you can buy-in and join the fun. PokerStars, the international cardroom that stands behind top tournaments, holds dozens of such events. The biggest international events include the Spring Championship, WSOP, and WPT. The best venue to try out professional Poker playing is the 888 Casino. Additionally, Bovada Poker and Ignition Casino offer some of the best Poker bonuses for their players.

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Online Blackjack tournaments are often freerolling, and players have a chance to win great cash prizes. The game is trendy, so it is no wonder that many casinos hold casual Blackjack competitions often. Sometimes, you might encounter events that require entry fees too. This is how Blackjack tournaments work: players pay the fee and then join the event. There are always chosen games that the participants must wager on to advance further. In most cases, these tournaments last for a couple of days, and after the end, the winners receive their prizes. Our top spot for playing Blackjack is, just like for Poker, the 888 Casino.

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Although Roulette is quite popular in online and land-based casinos, it’s not a go-to option for tournaments. Nevertheless, avid fans of the game can enjoy several exclusive events that major casinos host. The rules may differ, but the principle is always the same – you get to play for an hour or two and try to win as many points as possible. Before each contest, the players pay a fee and receive a set of chips for the rounds. Moreover, there are freeroll Roulette competitions that you can join free-of-charge too. For top Roulette games, you can visit the Revolution Casino where there is always an abundance of offers for online and Live Roulette. 

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Slots are the most popular game category in online casinos. That is why there are dozens of slot tournaments at top-notch casinos every single day. Although we mostly call them promotions. If you are familiar with BestCasinos, you know how much we love slot promos! We love them because they are enjoyable, competitive, and have fantastic prizes.

In most cases, the winners claim cash bundles, but there are also Free Spins on offer. The best thing about these events is that they are typically freeroll, i.e. require no initial deposits, fees, or payments. Casino Palace is the spot to visit for Slot Tournaments.

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Casino tournaments are a great way to spice up your playtime whenever you feel bored. Playing online games can sometimes become monotonous, especially as you are always playing against the machine. But with tournaments, you get to play against your fellow gamblers! Oh, and let’s not forget the incredible prizes. The prizes are the cherry on top of this type of casino entertainment.

As you now possess all the necessary knowledge about online casino competitions, you can go search for your new adventure. Sign up and let the games begin!


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