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Bitblox CEO Brandt Page on Introducing Cryptocurrency via Games in a Way That Is Easy to Understand

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Have you ever heard of cryptocurrency prediction games? No? Now is your chance. BestCasinos proudly presents our latest interview with Brandt Page, the CEO of BitBlox. He was very kind to sit and chat with us regarding their new games, plans, and future in this short but quite comprehensive interview. Enjoy.

  • Hello, and welcome to! Do you want to start off by giving us an introduction to yourself and Bitblox?

Thank you for having us! I’m Brandt Page, Chief Executive Officer at Bitblox. My day-to-day role largely involves overseeing the strategic direction of Bitblox and identifying new opportunities for us to expand our footprint.

I’ve worked within the gambling industry for a few years now; my previous role was VP of Business Development at HXRO Network, but before that, I worked in the financial sector. I’m very fortunate to work with a fantastic team at Bitblox, who all share a passion for innovation and creativity.

We launched Bitblox in May this year, with the aim of delivering enjoyable, engaging cryptocurrency prediction games to players – something that we believe hasn’t been seen before in the iGaming market.

  • We saw that you made your official debut at CasinoBeats Summit, with a presentation at their streamers For those of us who were unable to make the event, can you explain to us what you mean by ‘crypto prediction games’?

Sure! As the name might suggest, our games rely on players making predictions on whether the price of Bitcoin will increase or decrease after a certain time interval. The first game that we have released is aptly titled Up or Down, where players guess the price over a period of 60 seconds.

After some feedback from players and operators, we also released Up or Down Turbo, which is much quicker; players guess the price changes over a 20 second period, making the game much more fast-paced and, as a result, more engaging for bettors.

These two games allow us to introduce the iGaming industry to cryptocurrency in a way that is easy to understand. As a team, we often use the phrase ‘let players engage with crypto without having to touch it’, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

  • You mentioned that you are introducing cryptocurrency to bettors who may not be overly familiar with digital currencies. How do you plan to do this?

Well, cryptocurrencies have undergone a tremendous boom over the last few years. We’ve seen it with new tokens being launched, such as Doge Coin, which was influenced by social media memes, to Bitcoin reaching record highs a few years back. Countries such as El Salvador have made Bitcoin a legal tender, while the US and UK are working on frameworks which will outline how their respective economies will effectively utilise digital currency.

All of this sounds great and is a clear sign that crypto will become much more influential in our daily lives. However, this can actually seem quite overwhelming for bettors who may not be overly familiar with how to use crypto.

That is why we wanted to make the concept of our games as easy to understand as possible – you don’t need an in-depth knowledge of digital currencies to guess whether the price will increase or decrease. By drip feeding crypto-centred content to more ‘traditional’ bettors, this may then allow operators to introduce those players to other types of products.

On the flip side, you then have the Millennial and Gen Z players – two demographics which everyone is focused on engaging with. These players tend to be much more comfortable using a Web3 wallet and trading different cryptocurrencies. However, engaging with this more tech-savvy generation of players is notoriously difficult!

So, by combining cryptocurrency, with a simple game concept and fast-paced betting rounds, we believe we may have unlocked the secret to engaging with these demographics of players.

  • This sounds very exciting! You touched upon two crypto prediction games earlier – can we expect to see any more releases in the future?

Absolutely! Ultimately, we want to be able to deliver a game a month for our players, so there will be plenty of new and exciting games coming onto the market.

In addition to Up or Down and Up or Down Turbo, we will soon be launching 3 in a Row. The game follows a similar concept to our other titles, but the sense of anticipation is ramped up, with players having to guess the right combination of price fluctuations.

We have designed this title to look like a three-reel slot title, which I think will appeal to casino players. We will soon be adding bet builder and cash out functionalities too, which will certainly broaden the appeal to sports bettors.

Following 3 in a Row, we will also be launching BitSlap. The name is a bit tongue in cheek, which will help this title to make a bit of a splash in itself, but the concept is very cool too. It is the first of our games that will introduce a character – one will represent Bitcoin price increases, and the other price decreases. The strength of each slap will be determined by the size of the price fluctuation; the greater the price change, the harder the slap.

This game is going to be very exciting for us because we have the opportunity to personalise this game to each individual operator. The characters can be designed to look like brand ambassadors – adding that bit of personality to the game.

There are other titles in the pipeline too, but you will have to stay tuned to hear more about those!

  • It sounds like it’s going to be a busy year for BitBlox, we can’t wait to hear more about what comes next! That’s pretty much all of the questions we had for now – thanks for taking the time to answer them.

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