What are Casino Comp Points and How Do They Work

In-Depth Introduction to Casino Comp Points: History, Types & Usage

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Comp points, or complimentary points, are points casinos reward players with for their wagers in the games. Players get amazing perks with comp points, including real wager-free cash after they convert them.

Are you interested in winning free stuff by simply playing at your favourite online casino? Casino comp points are the way to go, then!

If you are not certain what else you get with them or if this is your first time learning about comps – stick around. What follows is a detailed examination of this modern casino phenomenon.

Stick with us; we’ll share our knowledge and casino comps secrets. There’s also a detailed guide on casino rating systems, and you will learn how to get comps at a casino.

BestCasinos Guide for Comp Casinos

Let’s see which exciting details you are about to learn here today with BestCasinos. We dived deep into the matter of complimentary points and perks at your favourite gambling sites. And everything that we know about these superb rewards is right here, yours for the taking!

With BestCasinos, you can learn about every aspect of this casino rating system, including:

  • The history of complimentary points
  • How casinos calculate comps & formula
  • What are comp points?
  • Types of comp points in online casinos
  • How to claim offers in online casinos with comp points
  • The best comp casinos
  • Top exclusive comp programs 2024

Without further ado, let’s meet (and greet) the best rewarding perk online casinos have ever invented for their players.

The History of Comp Points

To attract customers to keep coming back to the premises, online casinos use different strategies. Casino comp points are certainly one of them. But where do these casino loyalty points come from? And what are comp points?

Let’s have a look at their background first.

To start with, the “comp” in the expression is short for “complimentary”. In other words, these points refer to the things that the casino gives you for free. So, let’s see how to get free stuff at casinos.

Firstly, the casino comp system is almost as old as the industry itself. It originates from traditional, brick-and-mortar venues. It has always been used to appeal to gamblers and motivate them to keep playing.

Land-based gambling halls offer special services to their customers. These specialities are available to all players, regardless of how much or how often they play. The difference is in the level of the comp point. Casinos use casino rating systems to assign points to players. For every action within the lobby, you get points.

A waitress would walk around the premises and offer clients a free beverage. That could be a cocktail or anything else you might like. This is the lowest level of comp points. The next one might be a meal or a visit to a buffet. Some venues even offer theatre tickets. And all you need to do is keep playing.

You don’t have to be a high-roller. Everyone is equal in the eyes of comp points.

Although the rewards are not a luxury of high rollers only, it surely helps if you invest a bit more in your playing.

High-stake gamblers enjoy richer offers. These include jet rides, charter flights, hotel rooms, and spa tickets. Should you prove yourself worthy, you can even have your room upgraded. More often than not, you can bring your family or friends to a luxurious suite the gambling site has prepared for you.

As you can see, the best casino comps are awarded to the most daring and devoted players.

How Do Casinos Calculate Comps?

Casino Comp Points Calculation

Casino comp points are not granted at random. Naturally, one has to deserve them. How to get comps, you ask? There is a fairly simple formula to determine how many comps a player has earned. The formula is what we call the casino rating system.

At land-based casinos, you will typically have a players’ card. It contains the information on how much you have wagered, and what games you’ve played. You can ask for one at the reception. The casino will gladly give you your members’ card. Then you can start fathoming your comps.

Games of luck, such as slot machines, give away fewer points.

After a few hours of playing, you should have a considerable number of comps. When you are ready, you should go to the players’ club. The management then scans your card and tells you how much you have collected.

Games of luck, such as slot machines, give away fewer points. Table games are usually more rewarding, especially those that require skill. One of them is Blackjack. Roulette, as one of the most popular casino games – both online and in-person – is a comp point treasure chest.

As we’ve mentioned, there is a sort of recipe on how to determine your comps. We will share it with you in a second. If you were wondering how you can get more casino comps, you will get your answer here.

The Casino Comp Point Formula

As soon as you obtain your card, the casino will start rating you. You want to be rated. That is how you determine how much you get in comps. The casino tracks your gambling activity and rewards you accordingly.

The Casino Comping System works like this:

  1. They take the size your average bet.
  2. It is multiplied by the casino’s advantage of the game that you’re playing.
  3. This is how the casino calculates the expected loss per play.

Let’s see how that looks in the mathematical form:

(Total Wager) × (Casino Advantage) = Expected Theoretical Loss

The process does not stop here.

  1. The ETL (Expected Theoretical Loss) is multiplied by the average decisions made per hour in your game.
  2. This results in the expected loss per hour.
  3. This calculation is finally multiplied by the length of your play in hours.
  4. The end result is what the casino expects to win from you.

Typically, the casino will return anywhere from 10% up to 40% of that amount to you in the form of comps.

Casino Comps for High Rollers are more rewarding than any others. This is because they give more to the casino. Therefore, the casino gives a lot back. It’s simple logic.

What Are Comp Points in Online Casinos?

Casino Rewards Programmes are not exclusive to brick-and-mortar casinos. Virtual gambling venues have their own form of comps. This one might be of even greater interest to you.

The most important fact is that comp points at online casinos are available to all players.

These unlimited resources of free stuff are not reserved for high-limit gamblers only. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if your account is not linked to your local currency. You can still earn and redeem your comp points at an equivalent rate in your account’s currency.

The method is not discriminative, so everybody can take part. Nevertheless, there are ways to benefit more from comp points. One of them is the Casino VIP Programme.

By playing at a certain online gambling destination, you increase your chance of them really noticing you. And when they do, they will shower you with loyalty points and gamification marks. After some time, that is, once you have collected a certain amount of these, you will be promoted. You become a VIP member, and this is a massive honour. Not only is it an esteemed title; it also comes with significant rewards.

To start with, VIP players usually have higher withdrawal allowances. That means that each month you can withdraw way more than you could when you first joined. But in terms of our article, Casino VIP Programmes are what concerns us.

When you go VIP, the only thing left to do is enrol in these programmes to get rewarded more comp points faster.

How Do I Redeem Comp Points?

Casinos usually give away 1 comp point for every $10 you wager. At least that’s the case with 888 Casino where you get comp points according to this equation:

$10 wager = 1 comp point

Gathering 100 comp points will translate to $1 in real cash. As a gaming giant, 888 even offer different conversion rates for different currencies. These are as follows:

Your comps are kept in your account, under the ‘My Points’ tab. Under the motto “You play, we pay”, 888 has been successfully providing some of the best casino comp programmes. To get information on this online, you simply need to go to the Cashier register. The Cashier will convert your comps to money. Then simply claim your rewards.

There is no time limit for comps. They run all year long. However, comps usually cannot be transferred between casino accounts.

Types of Comps in Online Casinos

If you are a regular player in gambling sites around the world, you already know how inventive the brands can get with bonuses. There is virtually no limit to their creativity when it comes to ways of rewarding their customers, especially with comps.

Some casino comp point benefits include:

  • Cash rewards
  • Speedier and bigger withdrawals
  • Free concert and plane tickets
  • Exclusive trips
  • Weekend Getaways
  • Free Spins
  • Extra points for promotional deals

It is easy for a venue to offer a big portfolio, throw in a couple of well-known banking options and call it a day. But it takes a truly ambitious and dedicated brand to achieve this level of exclusivity with such perks.

So, the next time you go looking for a new gambling website, make sure you know what you are looking for. Venues can be tricky, but the ones that offer exclusive trips, VIP event tickets, and cash are the ones you can trust.

We are always here to help as you all know. So, we will provide a list of our top comp casinos and programs around the world. Keep scrolling to find your new favourite new gaming site with awesome prizes.

Best Casino Comp Points Programs 2023

Comps are a decisive part of the online casino experience. Therefore, players often ask us questions related to casino rewards programmes.

  • Does William Hill have comp points?
  • Are there comp points Planet 7 casino players can enjoy?
  • How to claim Mr Green comp points?
  • What makes the best online casino with comp points?

The list of question goes on. And being as dedicated as we are, we strive to answer every single one of them.

In a competitive industry such as iGaming, online casinos strive to outplay each other. To surpass the competition, you need to step it up. One of the ways to do is use the appeal of casino comps.

In case of some major brands like William Hill, you will spot various stadiums of VIP players. It provides the bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals. William Hill Games comp points are therefore rewarded according to your current status.

The simple rule is to stake the minimum amount in real money.

Overall, online casinos can get very creative in offering comp point promotions.

BestCasinos Top Picks for Best Comp Casinos

Here are BestCasinos top picks for best comp casinos:

  • Casumo – Level up with your Casumo Loyalty rewards. As you progress through your online gambling experience, you will earn a shinier belt.

  • 888 – You can redeem all your comp points for real cash! For every $10 you wager, you will earn 1 comp point. Then collect 100 points for $1 in cash.

  • William Hill – Similarly, there is a 4-tier comp point system at William Hill – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. To enjoy William Hill comp points, you need to join the venue first. In the case of portable gaming, there is an abundance of William Hill comp points mobile users can enjoy.

VIP Program Top List

As we have stated multiple times, you do not need to be a high-limit player to benefit from comp points.

However, it is but logical that if you spend more time and money at a single high-roller online casino that you will get noticed. Why is that? Casinos appreciate it when customers are loyal, and they award those clients accordingly. As a committed customer, you will gather more comp points because operators acknowledge your activity.

High-stake gamblers especially profit from casinos’ generosity. Other than returning to the preemies regularly, they charge their cashier section with copious amounts of cash. Therefore, their bankrolls are always loaded with means ready to be spent on the best high roller slots games.

The concept of VIP programs stems from land-based halls and is not foreign to virtual venues, either. It has only developed and improved over the decades of the industry’s existence.

Summing Up Casino Comp Secrets

Casino Comps Secrets are not that secretive at all. The casino comp point system is a simple and straightforward approach. The whole point of it is to give you back for being loyal. That said, the secrets we’re talking about are more of tips to help you go through this subject matter. So, let’s see what we’ve learnt today.

The lessons can be listed like this:

  • The more you play, the more you win
  • Choose your game wisely
  • Know the maths behind casino comps
  • Stay loyal to the brand
  • Keep track of your bankroll

Venues pay out a percentage of what you have wagered. This means that you dictate the tempo. Simply, the more you cash in, the more the operator will cash out.

Some games are more rewarding than others. When in doubt, go for table games.

Keep playing at the same venue to accumulate more comps. You can collect them on multiple website, but we recommend focusing on one or two.

At all times, be aware of how much you are spending. You should hold the reins firmly in your hands, always.


To wrap up, in essence, the best casino comps are what the operator gives you in return for playing at the venue.

However, no operator, be it a brick-and-mortar or the virtual kind, will give away comps left and right. You have to hunt for the comps. Play as much and as often as you can at your favourite online site. Collect your comps and convert them to chunky prizes.

You have to go and get them! We wish you the best of luck with collecting your casino comp points!


BestCasinos team consists of online casino experts dedicated to spreading their knowledge and experience to a wider audience, all in effort to help even the most inexperienced players gain their footing in this exciting industry.