Solving Problems with Gambling – International Helplines You Can Call Anytime

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Like all stories, gambling has a good and a bad side. The side that you see most of the time here at BestCasinos entails a happy gaming experience with dazzling and wonderful bonuses and games – but we are well-aware of the dangers that accompany wagering on games. In simple English, gambling is addictive and may result in problem gambling. Gambling addiction is not something we look to disregard hence we prepared a detailed guide into self-help for problem gambling. 

Even if you would not classify yourself as a problem gambler, having options and help to turn to is vital. We wanted to cover something every player in the casino world needs – helplines created for the players’ safety. Players, if you are wondering whom to call when you start feeling like you are in danger or don’t feel safe playing anymore, here are the numbers that you can call.

Gambling Helplines Across the Globe

International Helplines for Gambling

Players who have encountered issues and want to seek help have two options: they can either call a helpline or, if there is no helpline in their country, use self-exclusion services. These self-exclusion services are available worldwide, as they web-based.

Let’s have a look at the national gambling helplines that you can contact in your country. However, if you don’t see your country on the list, there is probably no active helpline dedicated to gamblers. We suggest browsing the website which offers a detailed register of helplines for all purposes in every country.

You can also always contact Gamblers Anonymous that works in most parts of the world.


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Australia and New Zealand

North America



South America

Self-Exclusion and Anti-Gambling Software

Anti-gambling Software

Not all players feel comfortable talking either in person or over the phone with Customer Support. Vulnerable customers may feel a sense of shame or embarrassment because they’ve found themselves in such a situation, and thus are reluctant to call or ask for help from others. The shame and guilt that they feel often leads to isolation and deeply internalized negative feelings may prevent them from asking help from friends and family, let alone strangers working at helplines.

Therefore, many find self-exclusion services and anti-gambling software a better solution that does not require actual contact with others. Anti-gambling software and self-exclusion sites entail contactless exclusion from gambling activity happening online by either downloading the software or registering at self-exclusion service websites.

Here are the biggest self-exclusion services and anti-gambling software you can find on the internet to prevent yourself from visiting gambling sites.

Bet Blocker

Bet Blocker is a free anti-gambling software that offers self-exclusion and parental controls features. It’s free and easy to download to any device/platform in the house. You can also use it on your phone!

British launched the app back in 2017. Since then, Bet Blocker has become one of the most popular anti-gambling software apps that gamblers use when they encounter problems with gambling. It’s a great thing for limiting time spent gambling and preventing the customer from visiting any site by blocking all gambling-related websites on the internet.

Bet Filter

Bet Filter is a service that restricts access to gambling sites and casino ads. Kindred Group, one of the biggest iGaming companies today, is behind Bet Filter. The service was launched as part of Kindred’s campaign to promote responsible gaming in online casino circles.

Unlike Bet Blocker, Bet Filter is not free. The software comes with a price of $5.83/month, provided you take the 1-year licence offer. However, it’s available in all countries.


Freedom gives you the freedom to block and restrict sites that have to do with casinos and sports betting. All platforms support it (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android) and it’s quite flexible for users.

To acquire Freedom, you have three pricing plans: Monthly (which is $6.99 for one month), Annual ($2.42/month), and Forever ($129). You can also use a Free Trial version to see whether you like it.


For only $13.99 per year, you can use Gamban to curb your gambling addiction. Gamban is a very popular self-exclusion service as it offers a host of perks: from Cloud storage syncing to online and cross-platform support, Gamban delivers an easy-to-use interface and simplistic navigation.

In terms of functionality, Gamban is there to block all gambling-related websites so you are safe from temptation. The only downside is the cost, but it’s worth the money.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a parental control software that’s very handy for gambling blocks. It’s one of the top-rated anti-gambling software apps on the web because it provides year-round impenetrable protection both for players. It has a family package that can extend to the entire household.

The basic package costs $39.99/year, but that only covers one device. The family packages come in two variants: the 5-device plan which costs $54.99/year and the 20-device plan which costs $89.99/year.

Gambling Statistics in 2021

Gambling activity is hitting an all-time high thanks to the pandemic. More and more players are turning towards gambling online, where they choose casual games and more frequently, VIP tables designed for deep-pocketed punters.

With the overall gambling activity growth, came a spike in problem gambling, which was expected. Gambling authorities and organisations built for the protection of players are warning of an impending catastrophe that awaits lest we succeed in curbing unlicensed and unregulated gambling.

Regulators worldwide who oversee gaming activity in their jurisdictions say rogue casinos represent a massive danger, but the casinos that do have licences can also help protect their punters. How so? Well, by implementing responsible gambling initiatives and projects that aim to protect the punters from the dangers of gambling.

Problem Gambling

What constitutes problem gambling?

How do we know that someone is a problem gambler? Here’s the short definition of problem gambling.

Problem gambling is the urge to gamble in spite of extremely negative consequences. Problem gamblers are addicted to gambling, and cannot stop even when it is hurting them and their families.

The three main symptoms of problem gambling are:

  • An unstoppable urge to gamble with gradually increased wagers
  • Unsuccessful attempts to quit or decrease gambling activity 
  • Being preoccupied with gambling and money

Most problem gamblers seek help, but overcoming a gambling addiction is a long and difficult process. That’s why it is important to check for signs regularly and find help as soon as possible.

Important Steps for Self-Help

Before you enter a casino game, make sure you go through these questions in your head:

  1. Why am I playing? 
  2. Do I know how much I plan on spending? 
  3. Is there a time limit for this gaming session? 
  4. What are my limits?
  5. Can I stop if I want to? 

Don’t let fun distract you! Try to find answers to these questions and if you are satisfied with them, go play. If you aren’t sure about your answers, consider asking for help from professionals or reach out to your family and friends for support.


The only thing that we have left to say – and the most important – is this: always play responsibly. Gambling can be amazing and very worthwhile, but also immensely harmful.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the BestCasinos team. We are here for all questions, doubts, and comments. Stay safe, play for fun, and gamble responsibly.


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