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‘Classics Never Die’ – BestCasinos Interviews Julia Saburova

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Making top-ranked online slot games must be a challenging job, but the sky’s the limit if you are All41Studios. Because we know how much you cherish their online slots, it’s our pleasure and honour to introduce you to none other than Julia Saburova, the Head of All41Studios.

In this exclusive interview, she will show you what happens behind the curtain of All41 Studios and how this magnificent studio creates some of the best online slots found on Microgaming’s exclusive platform.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Julia Saburova, the Head of All41 Studios.

  • Hello, and welcome to BestCasinos.com! We are honoured to have you here, so let’s start by introducing your company. Can you tell us more about All41 Studios and your story?

Thank you, it’s great to be here today! All41 was founded back in 2019, being an exclusive provider to Microgaming. We started as a small team and have grown into a cross-functional team of 46 people that learns something new every day and brings that knowledge to our games. It’s been an exciting journey so far and we are enjoying every moment of it.

  • In 2019, your company joined the exclusive network of independent studios that work with Microgaming. Can you please tell us how this affects your firm and what has changed for you since you started working with Microgaming?

It’s very exciting to be a partner for Microgaming. Microgaming has a long history and a proven track record of building relationships with operators across different markets. As a small and young studio, we are very excited to be a partner to Microgaming. With access to their platform, it’s much easier for us as a young studio to distribute our games.

  • So far, you have crafted around 20 casino games which are all available on the exclusive Microgaming platform. Could you tell us more about the production process? How long does it take to perfect a title worthy of appearing on the exclusive Microgaming platform?

It really depends on the title itself. A game has to be perfect for us to release it; we have to be confident that any title is ‘The One’ for it to go to market, whether its game graphics or game mechanics, the overall game experience should be cohesive. On average it may take three or four months to get a game ready.

“I believe there is still a lot we can do as a studio to bring richer and better experiences to our players.”

—Julia Saburova, All41 Studios

  • We have seen a truly diverse collection of themes in your growing portfolio. How do you come up with ideas, and where does the inspiration come from?

This is very creative field, so ideas and inspiration may come from different sources. The exciting part of working on slots games is that everyone in the team may come up with an idea and bring it to the table, and if it is something that we believe will work, we bring it to life.

  • All of your titles belong to the online slot category. Are you perhaps planning to explore other categories and genres, maybe even venture into table games?

This is a very interesting question, and it would be an exciting challenge, but at this moment in time our focus is on slot games as I believe there is still a lot we can do as a studio to bring richer and better experiences to our players. At least for the next few years we’ll definitely be focusing on slots.

Arena of Gold All41 Slot

  • Do you have a favourite game in the portfolio?

Yes, I do – it’s Arena of Gold. It has very exciting mechanics that deliver plenty of action.

“In my opinion, online gaming is repeating the land-based life cycle.”

—Julia Saburova, All41 Studios

  • You’ve recently welcomed another title to your catalogue, the Joyful Joker Megaways. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting the game, and the mixture of Megaways and classic fruit slots is something we’ve never seen like this before. How has the classic slot genre managed to adapt to the modern, action-seeking slot community?

I think the classics never die. In my opinion, online gaming is repeating the land-based life cycle. Classic slots with classic themes have always been big successes in the land-based industry. This is something new that we have not seen so much with online gaming so we’re trying to offer classic themes to our players – something that’s been very well received.

  • The next title on the agenda is the Temple of Medusa, a highly volatile 5-reel slot inspired by Greek mythology. What can we expect to find in the new release?

We wanted to have a Greek mythology theme in our portfolio. Temple of Medusa will offer players a ‘spreading wild’ experience. As you know, Medusa turned people into stone just by looking into their eyes. In our game Medusa turns symbols wild. The most exciting part of the game is Free Spins, so it’s worth trying to see if you can win your Lucky Prize.

Temple of Medusa All41 Studios Slot

  • Speaking of upcoming games, what are your plans for the rest of this year? 

We’re trying to create an extensive portfolio of different game mechanics and of course leveraging titles that were well-received by players before. Our team is working hard to get new titles to market this fall.


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