Less Known Casino Rules

Rules of Comportment in Casinos You Did Not Know About

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Online casinos are fun; we all know that. They are even more fun while we are in quarantine! Online gaming spiked these past few months. We don’t have to look far for explanations – the reason lies in the pandemic that has enveloped the entire world.

Life will return to normal, and that’s a fact. It’s just a matter of time. But while we wait to get back on track, there is not much we can do except make plans for the future. Where we would go, what we would do? The options are limitless. For instance, are we travelling? Visiting museums? Or maybe a walk through our favourite brick-and-mortar casino?

Because many of you will get back to your casinos soon, we thought it would be great to revisit the casino etiquette.

We do not doubt you are quite familiar with the rules, but one can never learn too much! Below, we devised a list of the lesser-known rules of behaviour in land-based casinos. Without further ado, here are the rules that you should remember the next time you find yourself at a casino table.

General Rules

Before we get to the specific little rules that stand for each casino game, let’s have a look at general rules.

These apply to all tables in casinos around the world. Regardless of the table where you wish to play, you should always have the following rules in mind. Many players already know this, but it doesn’t hurt to brush up on the knowledge.

  1. Don’t flaunt your wins. Winning is excellent, and you should be happy. However, it is not okay to be overly ecstatic about it. Other players at the table probably lost, so they don’t need you flaunting that you won. Be mindful of the others, and they will be mindful of you.
  2. Don’t drink at the table. Alcohol affects your gameplay. In most cases, it leads to impaired judgement, and no player wants that.

 (Bad) Luck

Rules for Bad Luck in Casinos

You would be amazed by how well luck and gambling go together. Fortune favours the bold, but it’s not unusual to see players doing something because of bad luck either. Even if you are not superstitious, someone in your vicinity is bound to have firm convictions about things that bring (bad) luck. So, when you return to your favourite casino, make sure you avoid doing the following items:

  1. Don’t whistle. Whistling is thought to bring bad luck to players, especially the one whistling. Plus, it’s rude to whistle when you are in a crowd of players.
  2. Don’t rotate in the chair. Again, it brings bad luck – for many players, at least. Even though you might think it has nothing to do with the outcomes, many players believe that. And it’s best to avoid upsetting other players.
  3. Avoid borrowing money to other players. This is also a bad omen. Plus, most players would avoid you like the plague after you asked them to lend you money.
  4. You can bring your lucky charm with you, but don’t ask others if they have any or what those objects are.

Dealing with Dealers

Dealers in brick-and-mortar casinos are essential. When it comes to the game, they are your best pals. Their job is to watch the table and handle the cards and the wheel. Therefore, you should be very respectful of their work. Here are some rules that you should follow when you step into the casinos.

  1. Tip the dealer. If you are winning or you are about to leave the table, tip the dealer. But be careful – tipping the dealers in certain countries is not approved. For instance, tipping in Australian casinos is not okay because the general opinion is that they are merely doing their job.
  2. Be polite. Whatever the outcome of the game, the dealer had nothing to do with it. They are not clairvoyant, nor they have any control over the cards – they are there to do their job. So be polite – don’t take your frustrations on the staff.

Dress Code

Now, we all know how it can be in the casinos – excitement, adrenaline, and a lot of hours spent at one table. That is why it’s important to pay attention to the dress code of the casinos. In some cases, the venues have a strict dress code, but some casinos do not. Nevertheless, here are some rules to remember.

  1. Dress accordingly. Most casinos have a certain dress code, and so it is essential to know it before you visit. For instance, you will not be able to visit most casinos in Europe if you do not meet the dress code. To know what the rules are, call or email the casino to get the info.
  2. Keep the wallet in your front pockets. Be careful where you put your money. Also, if you have a bag, don’t leave it somewhere you cannot always see it.
  3. Never go to the casino without your ID. In some cases, you won’t need it as proof of identity, but casinos have the right to ask this of you anytime you withdraw cash. So, before you go to the casino, check if you packed everything you would need, especially important documents!

Rules for Specific Tables

Now that we covered the essential rules let’s see what else you can still learn about casino etiquette. All casino games are different, so actions like cashing in, playing, and leaving are different experiences altogether. So, if you are thinking of joining your favourite table, make sure to check the following rules.


Online Blackjack Rules

Blackjack players are very superstitious. Therefore, they tend to blame any shift in the game on the new player. If that’s you, don’t worry. Just keep calm, follow these rules, and you will have a great time.

  1. Ask for permission to join high-limit Blackjack tables. These are tricky for newcomers. If you wish to join such a table, ask the players whether they would mind. You can also request to bet on their box.
  2. Don’t jump mid-shoe at tables with one or two decks. Even though there is no shoe, the players typically call it a shoe. Furthermore, they hate when someone jumps in in the middle of the game. As single deck rounds last for only a couple of minutes, wait until the end and join. Sometimes, the dealers will ask you whether you wish to join, but for the sake of the atmosphere, it’s best to decline.
  3. Join 8-deck tables anytime you want. Game rounds at tables with six to eight decks last longer. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to wait for the end, and many players would appreciate it if you join, especially if they are losing.
  4. Don’t cup cards in your hands midgame. Holding them tightly to yourself might lead someone to think you are switching cards. In other words, someone might accuse you of cheating. This rule applies to all card games in casinos.


Online Roulette Rules

Roulette wheels are quite fascinating to watch. That is how so many punters get distracted and occasionally forget the proper etiquette at a Roulette table. Let’s see what the best ways to behave around such a table are.

  1. Attract the dealer’s attention, but politely. Roulette tables are often hectic, so the dealer cannot see everyone and everything. If you wish to join the table, place your cash in front of you, and motion to the dealer to collect it. The dealer will then know that you are looking to join and will exchange your cash for chips.
  2. Don’t toss your cash across the table or yell at the dealer. That is rude, and you will likely get a ban from that table.
  3. Never move other players’ chips. Every player at the table has more than enough room for chips. That is why it’s inappropriate to touch chips that belong to other players.
  4. Don’t touch the dolly. The dolly is the plastic figurine that the dealers use to separate the winning and losing chips. Whatever you do, do not touch it. The dealers have strict tasks to complete and messing with the dolly will disrupt their routine. Oh, and you can get a ban for that table.


Online Craps Rules

For many players, craps table represents one of the most complicated things that you can find inside a casino. Although the rules are relatively simple – once you get through the complex bets – the table is a cracker. It offers the lowest house edge in the history of casino games. That is why there are so many etiquette rules which most players don’t know. Here are some of the most important things to have in mind before playing craps for real money.

  1. Always be transparent. When you take the dice to toss, be sure to keep things transparent. The dice must always remain in clear view. If they are not, the pit boss might get an idea that you somehow cheated. And that type of confusion is very bad.
  2. Never say seven. The number seven is a no-no if the button is on. If you do, you might conjure a seven in the next roll, and the shooter will lose. This rule might not have a logical explanation, but then again – superstitions are not rational. So even if you do not believe in this, avoid saying it for the sake of the players around you.
  3. Place the cash on the table. Dealers cannot take money from the hands of the players. Once you place the bills, say “Change coming in”, and the dealer will pick them up.
  4. Roll the dice with one hand. Shooters roll with only one hand. The same applies to the audience. If you are merely observing the roll and the dice flies off the table from a wild roll, you can catch it. But you must use only one hand to bring it back to the table.
  5. The dealers count chips, not you. In some cases, players might forget the bet that’s on the (Pass) line. It’s the dealer’s job to count the chip count. If this happens to you, ask the dealer to help you. If you insist on doing it yourself, the dealer has the right to reprimand you in front of everyone.


When it comes to Baccarat, the rules are simple – play nice, be polite, and tip the dealer. Also, it’s good to bet in support of the player with the biggest wager. If you do not, other players might consider you rude. Plus, they will think you want to bring bad luck intentionally, and you know what we said about luck and gambling.

Playing online Baccarat might be easy these days, but real casinos are a different adventure.

Now that you know all these new rules for casino comportment, it’s time to start planning your brick-and-mortar adventure. Pick a venue, book accommodation, and make a list of tables you will visit once we get out of quarantine.

Good luck and have fun!


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