Comprehensive Guide for Live Auto Roulette Games

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Live auto roulette has been at the forefront of live roulette gambling for the past few years. As one of the revolutionary ideas that the ever-creative iGaming industry birthed, auto roulette represents the marriage between technology and entertainment in the best way possible – it’s fast, efficient, and laser-focused on the action. 

In our guide below, we will introduce you to the concept of live auto roulette, explain the key characteristics of live roulette auto, and even provide a list of the best auto roulette live games you can play right now.

What Is Auto Roulette & How to Play

Live auto roulette is a type of live casino roulette game operated automatically, with no live dealers. Instead of the dealers, roulette wheels operate on their own, using advanced technology to spin the wheels automatically, rather than manually.

Auto live roulette became popular with the introduction of several popular Live Auto Roulette tables by Evolution, NetEnt, and Pragmatic Play. The notion that you don’t need a host to spin the wheel is not exactly revolutionary. But we cannot deny that it is quite removed from the idea of traditional roulette gambling you see in land-based casinos and old-school online roulette gaming sites.

Regardless, even with its unconventional nature, it’s not something players run from. Quite the contrary, players are drawn to the simplicity of auto roulette live games. The main perk listed, besides simplicity, is speed – you get what you came for in a heartbeat. The fast pace and ease of use make them the most suitable roulette games for players who prefer to focus on the game, rather than the setting and the atmosphere of roulette gaming.

How to Play Auto Roulette?

How to Play Live Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette live is not that different from live roulette games that you are used to. In general, the main points of the game lie in placing bets on the table and hoping the ball will land in the socket that you need it to land in. If it does, a hit – if not, it’s a miss.

We can say that the only difference between classic roulette and auto roulette lies in the presence of dealers.

A typical round in Auto Roulette live begins by placing bets.

  1. Place bets on the positions on the table you want.
  2. Wait for the end of the betting phase for the wheel to start spinning.
  3. The ball drops in the wheel and it spins until it stops.
  4. The result is shown on the screen and all winners are automatically rewarded.

The philosophy is simple: your goal is always the same, and the fact that no one will spin the wheel as it does on its own should not change the experience that much. However, players unused to such an experience may complain about the lack of social interaction. Sadly, that is a factor that’s missing, and many punters are used to seeing a smiling face next to the wheel chatting to the punters during sessions.

Therefore, they miss the chat that the dealer has with the players during the round, so if you are among such players, you should stick to the old-school live dealer roulette games.

Key Highlights

  • Auto roulette games feature no live dealers
  • The wheels are operated automatically
  • Standard game rules apply
  • 4K camera stream
  • Mostly European Roulette tables with a single zero
  • 97.30% RTP
  • Payouts up to 35:1

3 Best Live Auto Roulette Games

Top Live Auto Roulette Games Online

A comprehensive guide for live auto roulette would not be comprehensive if it didn’t have a list of the best auto roulette games. BestCasinos team has prepared a list of our top 3 live auto roulette games that you can play at the best live dealer online casino websites.

We also have a top online casino site that pairs well with the chosen game! However, we always recommend consulting your favourite online casino first before you try unfamiliar websites.

Slingshot Roulette by Evolution

Many consider Slingshot Roulette the first live auto roulette game on the internet. The industry-leading software company Evolution made it. And as you know, Evolution is a game-changer, and the first in line when it comes to superb, never-before-seen inventions in the field of casino gaming. The fact that the first-ever live auto roulette stems from Evolution’s studio speaks volumes of the Slingshot Roulette game quality.

The Slingshot game is an easy-to-learn auto roulette with amazing potential. Moreover, the wheel was developed by Cammegh, a famous British family-owned business that makes the finest roulette wheels and integrated the Slingshot 2 wheel into this release.

To be honest, Evolution has had several other live roulette games, including live auto roulette tables, that you might find more intriguing. However, Slingshot is the perfect way to start this adventure with automated roulette games. It’s a classic, it’s the first of its name, and it could be a great introduction to the no-dealer type of gaming.

Play Slingshot Roulette at Twin Casino!

Auto-Roulette by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is a big producer of online casino games that you should have on your radar. Lately, the company has been focusing on live game shows, as they are attracting all the players because of their versatile and diverse nature. However, that doesn’t mean Pragmatic play is inexperienced in other fields. Quite the contrary!

Auto-roulette is Pragmatic’s take on the whole no-dealer-in-the-studio game, and it’s a fine game to try if you like the concept. As soon as the game came out several years ago, our team did a thorough guide which you can find right here.

The main perks of the Pragmatic Play Auto-Roulette live game are 4K camera streams from 2 camera views, over 20 UI languages (and counting), more than 100 available currencies, and zero dealers. This is also one of the lowest-limit roulette tables in the company portfolio. It offers a €0.10 minimum bet limit, while the max is €5,000. The game also includes special bets Final en Plain, Finales a Cheval, and Full Complete.

Play Auto-Roulette at Revolution Casino.

Instant Roulette by Evolution

Slingshot Roulette made a splash when it first came out, but nothing could prepare us for Instant Roulette. Instant Roulette by Evolution is an auto roulette game that has not one, but 12 different roulette wheels that spin at the same time.

But how do 12 wheels work at the same time and why? What does that look like? Well, It’s quite simple – all 12 wheels spin simultaneously. Players, when they join the game, place a bet on a virtual table layout and are then directed to wait for the wheel closest to stopping for the result. This wheel, which is nearest to the end of the round, becomes their wheel – and so there’s no time wasting at all. Given that there are 12 of them, there’s always one that’s close to stopping, so a round lasts approximately 10 seconds (if you count in the time it takes you to place a bet too).

The trick with this game is that it gives players all the room to focus on the action, completely disregarding the social factor, as well as the time lag that happens during the betting phase, the preparation for the spin, etc. The main thing about Instant Roulette is that it’s nearly instant – and what you came for is what you get.

Try Instant Roulette at LeoVegas Casino.


Did you find what you were looking for? We hope you like what we prepared for you in our live auto roulette casino guide. If you find this type of live roulette gaming interesting, we hope you’ll give our top live auto roulette games a chance.

If you have any other questions about live auto roulette, scroll down to see our FAQs. Toodaloo!


Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Roulette Online

  • How can I play auto roulette?

To play auto roulette, you need to set a wagering amount, and then place . Roulette offers a variety of betting options, from straight up bets to even-money,  corner, line, and even special bets. Once you placed your wager, get ready for the spin – the wheel will spin with the ball and the ball will land in a pocket when the wheel stops. You will immediately see the results, i.e., whether you’ve won or lost the round.

  • Can I play auto roulette for free?

You can maybe find auto roulette demo games on the internet, as all RNG online roulette games are auto roulette games (no real dealers are operating the table). However, we are here talking about live auto roulette games played in real-time but the wheel is automatic, not manual. Live dealer games are not available for demo gaming.

  • Is there a special auto roulette strategy?

No, there is no special auto roulette strategy that you can use to play auto-live roulette. Instead, you rely on the preferred roulette strategy that you used before – because live auto roulette is not that different from other live dealer roulette games!

  • What is the best live roulette?

The best live roulette is the one that suits your playing style . If you like higher bets, play at high roller roulette games. On the other hand, if you are more of a casual player, it should have low betting limits. Moreover, live roulette tables are typically European roulette with single zeros, but if they are not – look for one, because European Roulette is more player-friendly. Finally, make sure that the table you’ve chosen has features and side bets that are interesting to you. Also, ensure you are playing at a reliable table from a prominent company.

  • What is Speed Auto Roulette?

Speed Auto Roulette is Evolution’s live roulette combining elements of Speed and Slingshot Roulette games. It’s a popular release at Evolution online casinos. You can learn more about the game in our game review database.


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