Multi Hand Video Poker Guide

Multi Hand Video Poker – Ultimate Guide

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There are couple of easy steps to how a player – especially a newbie – chooses which casino games to play.

They read all those casino reviews and their attention is captured by the games section. Naturally, they primarily want to know more about the portfolio. And then, lurking out there, you find a designated video poker department!

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It sounds great; a classic game enjoyed comfortably from home. You click on the thumbnail and a whole new world opens up. There is no such thing as a video poker – there are way more than just one. You’re mesmerised. Your options are next to limitless with so many hands – at hand.

It can be overwhelming at times, we admit. Therefore, stick with us to catch the whole glossary and see how you can use its content and attributes to your advantage.

Single vs. Multi Hand Poker

Video poker is held accountable for retaining a big number of casino players. The reason why is because it is expanding continually, and the variants are accessible in an ample range of online casinos.

Single hand poker mirrors a traditional land-based casino, where your only option is to play with one hand (aka one game) at a time. However, a contemporary player living in this fast-paced world seeks to expand their horizons. This is often done by employing multiple hands simultaneously. That is where multi hand video poker comes into play.

There is no simple answer to which option is better. Moreover, it is not merely a matter of personal preference. There are some objective aspects concerning each variant that might affect your final decision.

How to Play Multi Hand Video Poker?

How to Play Multi Hand Video Poker

After a thorough analysis, we have narrowed all segments for consideration down to three to help you develop your tactic:

  • Odds of winning
  • Pay tables
  • Bankroll

The first thing to keep your eyes peeled for is the pay table. Make sure to pick the best pay table. This is a great start to your multi hand video poker strategy.

Second of all, if the pay table is the same, the odds of winning do not differ in single and multi hand video poker. They are the same, regardless of how many hands you choose to play. A side note is that you are likely to hit the royal flush with the multi hand, but that’s due to more hands, not owing to the odds.

The odds do not change if you change your mode of playing.

It is a mistake to change your approach; a simple trick of the mind.

Thirdly, at all time you need to bear your bankroll in mind. Multi hand video poker games cost more than their single-armed counterpart. It is due to the plentiful of variance, so if you want to play a bunch of hands, our suggestion is to select the machines with smaller bet levels. The concept of having control over your bankroll is explained further in the next couple of paragraphs.

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Multi Hand Video Poker Variations

With variances going from low to high depending on the version of the game, multi hand video poker is a game of numerous possibilities. For example, Rival Gaming’s Aces and Faces comes with an RTP (Return to Player) of 99.26%. This means that it will give back exactly 99.26% of all money wagered. The remaining 0.74% goes to the casino’s budget.

If you are acquainted with the concept of volatility (aka variance) in video slots, they play the same role in video poker. Should you be new to the notion, here it is in a nutshell. The lower the variance, the bigger frequency of wins – smaller wins. On the other hand, lest you want to go high volatility, multi hand video poker jackpots come rarely, but when they do, they come in style. On the flip side, losses work the same way, so you can also lose gloriously if you don’t play smart.

So, what’s a given by now is that the first five cards you are dealt are key to what happens next. A strong hand ends up with strong ensuing plays. A weak hand gives rise to weak plays.

To exemplify, if the hand at the outset consists of three 10s, the least amount each play will give back is 3 for 1. To contrast, if that same hand consists of nothing and needs to be dismissed, an optimistic outcome could be bid farewell.

The Double Up Feature

What the two video poker variants have in common is the Double Up or Gamble feature.

It is rendered only after you succeed in creating qualifying winning hands. Take as an instance playing 10 hands concurrently and winning with each of them. You then abandon the base game and go to a separate screen where you won quantity is displayed. You are offered to double it up.

Five cards show up on the screen face-down, the first of which belongs to the virtual croupier. Your choices include keeping the amount you have won, or attempting to twofold it.

Lest you pick the latter, the croupier’s card is flipped over and you need to choose one of the remaining cards. If it is of a higher rank than the croupier’s, you have succeeded in your mission. If you both get the same value, it will be considered a draw. Nevertheless, your winnings will be doubled.

Some virtual multi-hand video poker variants also offer the Double Half feature, which is not as risky. You can still retain one half of your initial wins.

Low Variance Video Poker

When choosing a low volatility video poker, you’ll get to it quickly and easily. Search for a basic assortment of payouts that is in accordance with typical poker hand ranks. Popular picks include Realtime Gaming’s (RTG) Jacks or Better and Bonus Poker. If you’d like to avoid throwing your wallet over the precipice, stick to these.

Furthermore, you are welcome to follow our tips for more detail.

High Variance Video Poker

The overachievers and high rollers among you will aim for greatness with high volatility video poker games. They are less opulent than the low variant options, but they seem to be on the rise right now. A great instance is Bonus Deuces Wild designed by the one and only Microgaming. With scarce payouts, these variants are ideal for the nerves of steel.

Tips on How to Avoid Video Poker Mistakes

Play Multi Hand Poker Online

There are a few common errors players make when playing multi hand video poker. Here is a brief list of helpful tricks on how to get the best of this game.

  • Practise, practise, practise!

Entertaining an idea of free multi hand video poker is a must if you are new to the game. The more you practise, the faster you’ll get the hang of it.

  • Use Strategic Play

The lack of a tactic will have poor results as a consequence. Mathematical probability plays a crucial role in video poker. Trusting your intuition is a naive call. You can use gadgets and tools like calculators and a multi hand video poker app to find the ideal method.

  • Make a Money Management Plan

With poker, keeping track of your bankroll is perhaps even more important than with other casino games. When you enter the game, you will likely be full of hope and convinced you’ll win. You need to keep a cool head and accept you might encounter an unlucky streak. That’s why you need to prepare your bankroll in advance. Make sure your wallet contains enough means to get you through these unfortunate occurrences.

  • Grab Those Promos!

Take part in campaigns and special incentives like exclusive reload bonuses and cashbacks. This way, you can keep what you have won if a hapless streak occurs. There are also comp points, which give you a good value for your money, thanks to which you can end up playing for free.

Pros & Cons of Multi Hand Video Poker

The main differences between single and multi-hand video pokers are the thrill and expectation, many would argue. If single hand is keeping things safe, then upgrading to multi-hand is equal to raising the bar.

With multi hand high volatility video pokers, such as Microgaming’s Double Bonus Poker, you can expect an increase in the RTP. This one, in particular, goes as high as 100.2%, which translates into a rise in payouts.

Perhaps the best thing about multi hand poker is that it is extremely easy to spot in about any gambling establishment on the Web. The second best aspect of it that you need not commit to learning a new strategy to play it if you have already tried the single hand variant.

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Tossing the coin to the other side, a slight disadvantage will reveal itself. The volatility in multi-hand video poker is always higher than its predecessor’s. This makes this variant perfect for those with a thick bankroll. To paint the picture, if you are dealt a good hand at an early stage, odds are you will scoop plenty of cash. The other, darker end of the rainbow holds a poor hand, which results in losing a lot of money.

Conclusion – All Hands on Deck

There is no correct answer to which variant is better, and there are two reasons for it.

The first depends on what “better” means for you. The second one is that factually each of them possesses an equal amount of objective benefits and drawbacks. It is what attribute outweighs it for you that will tilt you in that direction.

The fact of the matter is that it is not the odds that dictate the tempo, but the pay table. A word of caution is that your strategy should remain the same, lest you want to retain your hard-earned money.

So it is up to you to decide what you value more and make your choice accordingly. We drop the mic for now but stay tuned for more entertaining editorials like this one.


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