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Neko Games’ Sebastian Perrier Interview

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Bingo never went out of fashion, but it seems it is currently having a Hollywood-worthy comeback. Right at the forefront of that comeback is Neko Games, a creative video bingo producer that works exclusively with Microgaming.

To introduce Neko Games to our readers properly, we sat down with their Founding Partner, Sebastian Perrier and discussed several hot bingo-related topics. We have no doubts you’ll enjoy it as much as we did!

  • Hello Sebastian! Welcome to BestCasinos, we are very happy you could join us here. Let’s start by introducing your company a bit better to our readers. What is the story of Neko Games? 

Hi, and thanks for the invitation. The founders of Neko Games come from a long tradition of online casino operators, and we saw a gap in the market for games that could better fit first-time players. When new players in immature online markets are faced with sophisticated and feature-overloaded slot games, they are usually intimidated.

In our opinion, new players would better start off with games they already know and understand such as classic lottery, keno or bingo games. Therefore we decided to launch Neko Games, focused on designing and developing bingo-themed games for new iGaming players. Bingo mechanics are easy to understand!

“Our games have simple mechanics that new players can easily understand, but they are sophisticated games that include attractive themes and adventures.”

–Sebastian Perrier, Neko Games

  • What would you say are your most recognisable traits as bingo game producers? What is the symbol of Neko Games that makes your games instantly recognizable?

Neko Games specialises in creating games that transform a simple bingo game mechanic into thrilling, rewarding and fun adventures that people can trust. Our most recognisable trait in the video bingo category is that we deliver very sophisticated games in terms of stories, themes, graphics, sounds and features. Our games have simple mechanics that new players can easily understand, but they are sophisticated games that include attractive themes and adventures.

  • What is the first thing that comes to mind when you say ‘Online Gaming with a Latin American flavour’? How does the flavour of Latin America reflect in your bingo creations? 

It comes with the colours, music, graphics and math of each game, which is entirely designed and developed by our team sitting in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Most game studios are based in the northern hemisphere, with more exposure to mature markets such as the UK or Sweden. We come from a different scenario; LatAm markets are only starting to regulate, and players are just beginning to understand and know more about online gaming. Everything we do is thinking of the new players in immature or developing iGaming Markets, which also includes Africa and parts of Asia.

  • What did your partnership with Microgaming bring to your company? 

Microgaming has a very strong distribution network, which gives us the opportunity to focus only on the game creation. With such an important partner selling our games internationally, Neko’s team is fully dedicated to creating the best possible games for our target audience.

“Our mission is to design and develop casino games that target developing online gaming markets in order to turn regular customers into mature players.”

–Sebastian Perrier, Neko Games


  • Okay, we know you have probably heard this question thousands of times before, but we are quite curious – why bingo? What about video bingo inspired you to launch Neko Games?

No problem – we like hearing this question because the reason to begin developing video bingo games is very strategic to our studio and more importantly, key for operators to understand. There is a huge number of potential customers who still do not fully understand how online gambling works but would like to play. Our mission is to design and develop casino games that target developing online gaming markets in order to turn regular customers into mature players. But when new players in immature online markets are faced with heavy and feature-overloaded slot games, they are usually intimidated.

  • As someone with years of experience in the industry, we can safely say that you know it like the back of your hand. How do you see the position of bingo in the online gambling constellation today? 

Video bingos are an ideal game for new players in new markets to get to know and trust online gambling. Furthermore, there is already a strong player base of players in the Bingo arena. We trust that our games will also appeal to current video bingo players who are finding current video bingo a little boring.

  • What about the future? Is bingo destined for even greater exposure and popularity? And would you say players are slowly turning more towards traditional, classic gambling games? 
  • Neko Games Pachinko

Bingo games have been around for hundreds of years, and we don’t believe this will change. There are billions of people in the world connected to the internet and using it as an entertainment channel. While some players might migrate to other games categories – which would be logical and expected – there is a huge mass of new players and new markets where bingo-themed games will be very popular and appealing. I would say that the future trend of bingo games can only grow.

  • So far, we’ve had the pleasure of playing three games from Neko Games – Super Snowball, Pachinko, and Fu88. If you had to, would you be able to pick a favourite of the three?

Good question! This is our initial set of games which work together as a combo. You’ll find one of them more attractive depending on your entertainment habits and interest. For example, if you’re a recreational player like myself, you’ll probably enjoy Pachinko more. On the other hand, if you’re a more experienced player looking for more adrenaline, then Fu88 will be a much better game for you.

  • What about upcoming releases? Are there any exciting bingo titles on the agenda that we should get ready for? 

Yes, our next release is Bingote which will be available on the 11th November 2021. The new video bingo is inspired by Don Quijote de La Mancha, the most important novel for Spanish speakers, and is one of the most famous stories around the world. Join Don Bingote as he journeys forth through La Racha, the land of windmills filled with gold and castles full of jewels, in search of untold riches. Navigate the way through amazing bonuses as you search for the great Bingote Jackpot.

Neko Games Bingote

  • What are your thoughts about the Latin American markets? What’s in store for LatAm iGaming in the next few years?

The LatAm trend toward regulation is the most important trend for the next few years. With Colombia’s example of proper and profitable iGaming Regulation, other countries are following the trend. It is going to be very exciting to see this becoming a reality.

  • Thank you for chatting with us! We are very glad we had a chance to have you here and we hope we’ll get to chat again soon. If you’d maybe like to leave another message for our readers, feel free to share!

As most of our colleagues in the iGaming business are typically based in Europe, Malta, Gibraltar and the UK, if anyone comes to visit Argentina, feel free to give us a shout and we’ll make sure you get the best BBQ and wines around!


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