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Bingo Is Back – A Beautiful Story of How Online Bingo Survived the Ravages of Time

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Everyone loves Bingo. A firm fan-favourite of the ‘80s and ’90 gaming crowd, Bingo has been around for a very long time. However, in the last few decades, the demand for the game deteriorated. For a while, we haven’t had a chance to see a lot of online Bingo titles in casino sites.

But things appear to be looking up. The game proved to be resilient, and the best proof is the recent re-emergence of online bingo in online casinos worldwide.

That is why we decided to dedicate this article to this exceptional game and its immense influence on the digital casino industry evolution.

If you stay with us, you will get a chance to learn more about the immensely loved Bingo. We included an overview of bingo variants, slot and Bingo crossovers, and popular Bingo casino sites. Plus, we will teach you how to play online Bingo.

Let’s roll the balls!

Bingo – Past, Present & Future

Decades ago, Bingo was the star of casino gaming. Massive Bingo halls full of people that gathered to enjoy rounds with their friends were a symbol of entertainment in the UK. Avid fans enjoyed the social aspect of the game – they could spend time with friends and simultaneously play.

So, when the new era of casino entertainment rolled in, the game lost its spot under the spotlights. This exponential growth of digitalization affected its popularity immensely. If we were to find a culprit for this, we would not have to seek far. Other games like online slots and table games took over the mantle. It was their time to shine, so Bingo had no other option than to relocate to the margins.

Bingo thus became a relic of the past instead a sign of the future.

However, that didn’t mean the end of this game. Quite the opposite!

New Face of Bingo

Over the years, the audience witnessed a transformation that sparked a new interest in this casino sport. Slowly but persistently, video Bingo entered the modern casino arena and cemented its place there. Today, it is a trendy pastime for millions of players, especially in the popular UK casino websites. Players in the UK are quite fond of this game, so most casinos that accept UK players have Bingo variants on offer.

But how did Bingo manage to overcome the obstacles that appeared over time?

The answer is that Bingo evolved. Just like other games in digital casinos, Bingo had to reinvent itself in order to adjust to the new trends. To put it simply, the game went online. Over time, casino players realized that modern Bingo more than suited their online gaming preferences.

That is why today, a vast number of top online casinos in the UK offer premium video Bingo games. It’s just as fun as before, and you get to play it from the comfort of your home. Through new software, game makers opened a new chapter in this story that is far from over.

How does Bingo Online Work?

Play Bingo Online

Playing online Bingo is like riding a bicycle – once you learn it, you can never forget it. When it first appeared, game developers wanted to preserve that familiar aura of Bingo for the new players. After all, the point was to appeal to punters that were already acquainted with the game, and they would hardly accept something foreign.

On the other hand, they had to find a way to introduce the game to a new audience that would appreciate the game’s modern tendencies.

For that, they had to find a balance – something familiar, but at the same time, revolutionary and new.

That is ladies and gentlemen, how video Bingo came to be. The rules remained the same, but now and then, we would get a unique feature along with a new title.

How to Play Video Bingo

If you want to learn how to play Bingo online, now is your chance. We provided a step-by-step guide to playing Bingo online, so just relax and read on.

The round starts with choosing bets. Placing bets is essential, so before you start playing, make sure you know how much you want to bet per round.

Depending on the game, you might also get to choose the number of cards for each round. If you have this option, you can also adjust the bet according to the number of cards. For instance, Play’n GO’s recent Rainforest Magic Bingo includes four tickets. You can play it with one, two, three, or all four cards – that’s up to you.

The cards that are used in the game usually contain 15 to 20 numbers. When you initiate the round, a certain number of balls will be drawn. The drawn ones will automatically check out on the cards that you use.

If you manage to complete a line, you will get a prize; it’s as simple as that. However, the real fun starts when you complete the entire card. If you do this, you will score the top prize, i.e. the game’s jackpot.

If there are additional features, the rules dictate that you can activate them through completed patterns. Again, Play’n GO’s games are an excellent example of this as they display all possible patterns on the screen.

Best Bingo Strategies

Do not be afraid to experiment with the game! Although you might get the impression that there is no way to strategize here, believe us when we say that there is.

One of our favourite things about this sport is that you do not need winning tactics, but should you desire them – you can use them.

For instance, most beginners think that they should start with massive bets right off the bat. We do not recommend that.

It is potentially hazardous for your balance if you start with big bets! The best way to kickstart your adventure is to place smaller wages.

You would not believe how many info small bets provide about the game that you are playing. This both helps you feel the game, see whether you like its vibe. Plus, it gives you an insight into the title’s profitability. If you are not satisfied with the frequency and size of wins, there is no point in playing, right?

Furthermore, we suggest avoiding all cards, at least at the beginning. The idea behind this is the same as with bets. Don’t go all in before you get to know the game. Only when you are confident that that is what you like should you adopt the all-in method of playing.

Our final strategy – it’s more a tip, really – is to play safely. Find reliable software providers and casinos that you trust. They are the best indicators of the fairness that you get in the game. Moreover, check the T&C, game info, and paytables before you play! Your safety is a priority, so make sure to play trustworthy titles. And don’t forget to play responsibly – play as long as it’s fun. If it stops being fun, it’s perhaps time to take a break.

Where to Play Bingo Online for Money

Bingo popularity is on the rise, which means more and more casinos are expanding their offers nowadays.

That means that, right now, you can find it only the best UK casino websites that cater to international audiences. One such venue is William Hill which boasts an impressive collection of over 80 different titles in a special section.


Play Bingo at William Hill!


The best thing about this game is that it suits all kinds of players regardless of their gaming preferences. For instance, if you enjoy high-risk games, there is always a high rolling title or two in top casinos online. If low rolling is more up your alley, you can find titles that employ small-scale betting limits. Also, should you decide to experiment, you can try 888 casino’s portfolio because it includes something for everybody.


Play Bingo at 888 Casino!


We are delighted by the versatility and adaptability that this game displays. A testament to its perseverance is the fact that even crypto casinos have it in their lobbies. Hence, no matter what type of casinos you enjoy visiting, you can find this game there as well.


Play Bingo at BitStarz!

Where Can I Play Online Bingo for Free

Unlike live dealer games, most online casino games are available for free play. Bingo online is not an exception. A significant advantage of this game is the free online bingo play that lets you enjoy the experience to the fullest.


Play Bingo at LeoVegas!


You can find free online Bingo games in almost any casino that lists it as a category in the lobby. You only need to register and open the titles to exercise your skills free of charge.


Play Bingo at 32Red!


Before you start playing Bingo for real money, make sure you try out different games. That is the only way to know which games suit your tastes and provide the most fun. And remember: the most important thing is to have fun. After all, that is the primary purpose of this casino sport!


Play Bingo at PlayOJO!

Which Online Bingo Pays Out the Most

Bingo Online Games that pay out most

As we already said, there are numerous new games titles on the market. The game is gaining popularity, which means there will be more titles to look forward to in the future.

Although fun is the main goal for all players here, it doesn’t hurt if the game pays out well. It is even more entertaining that way!

If you are looking for variants that are equally entertaining and rewarding, you can stop searching. BestCasinos has your back, as always.

We are here to show you our favourite titles that deliver an ultimate Bingo experience. Some of them are crossovers between slots and Bingo which is a popular trend right now.

For instance, take Play’n GO’s Rainforest Magic Bingo and Sweet Alchemy Bingo. These two games are famous video slots that were launched a couple of years ago. The game developer quickly realized the potential of both slot machines.

By creating these two titles, Play’n GO managed to find a balance between popular slot games and its Bingo audience. Ultimately, that created a new blend of casino entertainment that is undoubtedly going to impress its UK players.

There are other amazing providers in the market, too. The industry-leading game manufacturer Microgaming has reigned over this game category for years. It’s classic Bingo Bonanza is a top choice for fans of the old-school fun. Another provider that established a name for itself in the trade is Pragmatic Play. This software company is changing the rules with each creating, and the latest Bingo Blast is a title you must try.

If you want to explore this game slot-Bingo game category, head over to our Bingo page where we listed all popular variants. The list includes a collection of slot mixes that you can enjoy both for real money and in demo mode.

Keno Versus Bingo

We have received many questions from our readers about Keno. When you compare it with Bingo, it is not hard to see that these two games are quite similar.

So, what’s the catch? How do we differentiate them?

For starters, both games are lottery-based, which means they use balls as the gambling medium. In both cases, you get to use tickets/cards to catch/complete numbers that come via drawn balls.

But the main difference between these two is the process of picking cards and numbers.

In Keno, for example, you are allowed to choose every number that you want on that card. Moreover, there is usually only one card, although you can purchase more within a round.

On the other hand, picking each number manually is not possible in Bingo. Players are not allowed to change the pre-filled tickets, but they can shuffle the numbers via RNG.

Additionally, the majority of Bingo titles includes several cards that players employ in rounds. This is not a strict difference, but rather an unwritten rule for game makers.

The final difference between these two is the audience. In general, Keno is more popular in the USA, where players like to experiment with numerous variants. On the other hand, Bingo is UK-oriented, although the audience is expanding with new online variants.

Can Online Bingo be Fixed?

The question of fairness and security is, as we’ve mentioned above, a priority. Not just for the players, but for the online venues as well. We at BestCasinos understand that, so we try to deliver only verified content to our readers.

That is why our first advice always is to be careful, especially when choosing digital venues.

When it comes to Bingo, the question of fairness seems redundant. Modern titles and online variants all employ RNG (Random Number Generator) to generate unpredictable sequences and numbers. These sequences are impossible to crack, which means there is no way to cheat.

Nevertheless, one can never be too safe. If you want to enjoy a premium-quality casino entertainment, you should look for reliable venues only.

Top casino websites operate under strict guidelines and are under the control of gambling authorities. The proof of their dedication and quality of the offer is the license issued by said authority.

Also, quantity helps as well. The more licenses the casino has, the surer you can be in their transparency of operations.

If you want to find a casino where you can enjoy the best content the industry has to offer, check our casino reviews.

We rate and inspect dozens of casino sites that you can meet up close in our reviews. Have no worry – we make sure to include only the places that tick all our boxes, i.e. meet all criteria that we have.


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