What are Pokie Slots

Introduction to Pokies – What are Pokie Slots?

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Slots, pokie slots, one-armed bandits – many names for the single most popular casino game.

Over the years, online slots have slowly graduated from a distractive pastime to a global phenomenon.

As slots represent the vogue of modern gambling, it was only natural to see different nations come up with different names. The Brits call them fruit machines, Europeans like the name slots, but if you ask Aussie players about their favourite game, they’d say pokies.

We are here today to cast more light onto the question of pokie slots, or better yet, the Aussie way of playing video slots.

What’s in a Name?

Shakespeare might not be our main area of interest, but his most famous quote perfectly captures the essence of this entire piece.

What’s in a name pokie, you might ask?

Slots, pokies, and fruits are seemingly three different names players hear around various casino sites. And name variations have led players to the (wrongful) conclusion that they represent three different things. But they do not!

Online pokies, as Australian players would say, are online slots you can play in any casino in Australia.

The interesting thing about this name is that it often raises confusion for players outside Aussieland.

But we are here to call it like it is and show you what exactly lies in the name of pokie slots.

Stick with BestCasinos and you’ll see how exactly Australians came up with such a name. We fully intend to show you the origins of the name, but that’s not everything we will be exploring.

BestCasinos will also dive deeper into the subject of slot playtime in Australian casinos in general. From the most popular games to the best pokie casinos in the country – we got it all!

A Short History Lesson About the Origins of Aussie Pokie Slots

It is hard to pinpoint the exact date when slots became pokies in Australian casinos.

For as long as we can remember (and investigate), the name pokies have been synonymous with slots. At the start of the 20th century, ads across Australia and New Zealand were already luring audiences with promises of spectacular pokies.

The first half of the 20th century was relatively peaceful in terms of pokie slot gameplay. But the post-war period brought a change to the narrative. Gambling became more popular across the world, including Australia.

New South Wales legalized gambling machines like slots and Poker in 1956, the first Australian state to do so. This, in turn, caused a proliferation of poker machines in the entire state. Up until that point, gambling machines were illegal to own and use, which meant they were rarely in use.

But, once they became legal, pubs and clubs across the state added them to the assortment.

How Pokie Slots Came to Be

Now, here is an interesting fact. Poker machines and slots were frequently lumped together in the same room. The machines were large and took up a lot of space, so it was practical to keep them all together.

And as we all know, Aussies love to shorten words and abbreviate as much as possible. One of the best theories we uncovered is one about local citizens nicknaming the poker machines as pokies. And given that slots were quite nearby, it is possible the name soon started encompassing both machines. So, it’s not an intricate mystery after all!

Today, the term pokie is an umbrella name which covers both land-based and online video pokies in Australia and New Zealand casinos.

But be careful! The Aussie way of abbreviating words has led to an emergence of several meanings for the same term. Depending on the location and social situation in which you are, you might hear someone reference prison as a pokie. There are other meanings too, but just stick to this one in Australian casinos, and you will be okay.


online slot pokies laws and regulations

Legality Aspects of Pokie Slots & Casino Games in Australia

By now, it has become quite clear the name for these nifty creations caught on nearly a century ago. We even discussed the popularity of old-school machines which were trendy back then.

But what about now?

If you want to know about the current situation with online gambling in Australia, you’re in luck. It so happens that we were quite diligent about our pokie investigation, so we dived further in the question at hand.

Today, the modern gambling industry in Aussieland is truly impressive. Most players who enjoy casino games prefer going online instead of the land-based venues. Also, nearly 80% of adults in this country engages in certain forms of gambling. When you compare the number with other countries, it’s easy to see that Aussies have the highest rate in the world.

What is more, the entire market is growing each year. Only two years ago, the total casino expenditure in Australia grew by 6.5% year-on-year. If you want to learn more about Australian gambling statistics, you can check out this page here.

But if you are more interested in the legal background of the market, keep reading what we prepared.

Australian Gambling Laws in General

One of the primary concerns for all online casino players is the legal aspect of online gambling. As you already know, such laws vary from continent to continent. They even vary from country to country!

In Australia, the situation is a wee bit complicated. However, we are here to help you understand better how online gambling in Australia works.

First, Australia doesn’t have an official gambling authority. Instead, each state and territory have the right to impose and choose laws related to gambling.

In 2001, the federal government decided to impose a strict legislation aimed to curb problem gambling in the region. The Interactive Gambling Act specifically prohibits providing various forms of games of luck for local citizens.

However, despite its strict guidelines, it still allows local players to gamble in online casinos.

But here is the catch – online casino gambling services cannot be provided to Australians by operators. In other words, both Australian-based and foreign operators are forbidden from offering their services to local players. But what is even more fascinating is that players are still able to play – they will not be punished.

So, to sum it up: Aussie individual players can play, but operators are not allowed to offer service, and advertise their business.

A surge in problem gambling reports pushed the government to get back to the 2001 Act and reassess it. In 2016, Australia officially published the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill that further tightened the laws for gambling.

Video Slots Versus Online Pokies

Australian pokie slot games are a fascinating type of casino games. They come in various shapes and sizes, with innovative reels, unique features, and impressive payouts.

On the other side of the world, the US and EU gambling markets are teeming with games that have the same characteristics.

Nevertheless, many a player has asked a question: are pokies and slots the same?

Let’s find the answer together.

Are There Differences Between Pokies and Slots?

For an average player that’s unaccustomed to the Aussie way of playing slots, encountering pokies in casinos might be odd.

However, you should not feel afraid because you already know them, even if you don’t know it yet.

Any popular pokie online that you see is actually a regular video slot that you find in any international online casino. 

Five to six reels, several rows, and paylines are essential components of each of these games. They offer a variety of themes and design ideas that you can explore using the special game features.

You can probably see where we are headed with this one.

Video slot games and online pokies have no differences whatsoever unless you count the name variation. That’s why we call them pokie slots!

You can use the same methods and strategies for pokie slots that you otherwise employ in your favourite casino.

So, the next time you find yourself in a casino in Aussieland, don’t get spooked by the presence of video pokies. Instead, get up and enjoy them!

The Best Pokies to Play

Australia is a big country, and so it is its gambling industry. Video games are accessible both on desktop and mobile phones, although Aussies enjoy more portable devices for their gambling pastimes.

So, when it comes to online slots, you can bet that Australian players love their online pokie slots.

Such love and appreciation of these games have led to an increase in the demand and offer. As a consequence, you can now pick between thousands of fun and innovative pokie games wherever you decide to join.

Among the fan favourites in terms of software are Betsoft, Pragmatic Play, and Yggdrasil Gaming. The local players enjoy the exciting adventures that are hidden in Yggdrasil’s eye-candy pokie releases. Seasons and Penguin City are among the top pokies to play in Australia, and they are followed by Yggdrasil’s latest 2020 releases Brazil Bomba and Arthur’s Fortune. If you are a fan of Yggdrasil Gaming and wish to see more of its revolutionary slots, click here.


We also chatted with David Stoveld, Yggdrasil’s Senior Game Product Owner, about 2021 plans, so don’t miss that one!


Another vital game distributor is Betsoft. The innovative manufacturer is a global leader in RNG content, and its influence reached Oceania as well. Monster Pop, one of its latest releases, is a hit in digital casino venues across the continent.

But don’t think that the fun here is limited to Betsoft and Yggdrasil only. Other trailblazing producers have staked their claim as well, including the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt, and Play’n Go.

Top Online Pokie Slot Casinos

And finally, we have reached the funniest part of this article: the best online pokie casinos! If you are wondering about the hottest spots to play your newfound favourite pokie games online – no wucka’s.

We are here to show you our top picks that we thoroughly examined before adding them to our list.

The first venue that we added is Fair Go.

Play Pokies at Fair Go Casino

By all casino reviewing standards, Fair Go is perhaps the best casino for pokies in Oceania. It has a cute koala mascot that’s leading you through your adventure around the lobby. If you need more info, have a squiz at our Fair Go casino review.


Play at Fair Go casino!


Another great venue where you can explore infinite casino games is Ignition Casino.

Play Pokies at Ignition Casino

Truth be told, Ignition has a broad focus on the international market, so it accepts players from all parts of the world. Its collection of pokies is awe-inspiring, so give it a go if you are looking for a new venue. And one more thing: Ignition Casino is excellent for playing Poker too.


Play at Ignition Casino!


Finally, if these two aren’t enough, we have a third top option.

Play Pokie Slots at Planet 7 Casino

Planet 7 Casino is a venue that caters both to the AUS and US players. If you want to try the best pokie slot machines and table games, this is the place to go. Planet 7 also has an impressive promo offer that includes various bonuses and perks for loyal players.


Play at Planet 7 Casino!


Other Aussie Casino Game Favourites

If you decide to hit the Aussie casinos for a quick pokie adventure, we won’t blame you. As we already showed you above, the market is flowing with premium quality titles from the biggest names in the industry.

The choice of games goes beyond mere themes – and they abound that in that too – and envelopes various categories.

In other words, whatever you like, you can find it on casino site with a preference for AUS players.

Progressive games, along with various table games like Roulette and Blackjack are a great way to enjoy these websites. You can also dabble in speciality games – colourful titles in this category are perfect for a brief respite.

Finally, New Zealand and Australia are entirely dedicated to video poker games. If you are a video poker aficionado, you will love spending time in the venues that we recommended above.

So, what do you think about online pokie slots? Do you like how slots are played in Oceania? Don’t hesitate to reach out and tell us what you think about the Aussie way of digital pokie entertainment!


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