What Are Social Casinos?

What Is Social Gambling?

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Are you one of those players who would like to play casino-like games online with free money? Then you’ll surely find this social casino guide helpful!

Social casino games, although related to classic gambling, are far from traditional casino games.

In this article, we are looking to explain the concept of casino gambling to our readers and show some of the most popular forms of social casinos. If you want to learn more about social casino games and social casino apps, you are in the right place.

What Are Social Casinos?

Social casinos are platforms providing free-to-play casino-like games on social media sites. These social casino games are not real gambling games – they are similar, but it’s not actual gambling as no real money is involved.

Social casinos are made as a representation of online casinos, and their goal is to create an experience that’s equivalent to the one you get by joining a real money casino – all without using real money.

It’s more a simulation rather than a variation.

Social gambling entails playing casino-like games on a social network platform with free money. Social gamers can acquire free money either by getting it for free or purchasing it using real funds.

However, money conversion whereby the player would try to convert fake earned money into fiat currencies is not possible.

Social casinos became exceedingly popular in later years thanks to the rise of social media platforms. Social networks are a global phenomenon that truly changed the way we live, and so it was only fitting to make something that takes the fun of gambling and places it in the social media framework.

By doing so, those platforms created a hybrid genre of gambling that is not concerned with money – you cannot win real money at social gambling sites – but rather with entertainment. Hence, casual players and novices are loving the social media casino scene.

Are social casino sites legal?

One question that often pops up when we discuss social casino apps is their legality of it. Are social casinos legal? We are happy to say that they indeed are. Social casinos are legal in almost every part of the world. 

While we know how big of a struggle is to find legal and licenced online casino sites on the internet, the social casino apps make it easier. You can access social gambling games wherever you are, anytime you want.

But how come these amazing sites and games are legal everywhere?

Social casinos are legal because they do not involve real money gambling. They are regular games where players use fake money to play gambling-like games such as slots and table games, but as it is not real gambling, there is no reason to ban it.

Many punters find this to be a major advantage of social casinos over real money gambling sites.

Common Social Casino Games

The million-faux-dollar question is, what games can you play at social casinos? And what are social gambling games?

One thing we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article is that social casinos are a simulation of the traditional gambling scene. They tend to emulate the real money online casino sites in terms of the content they offer.

Hence, it is easy to guess what kind of content that is – standard casino content you often find at gambling sites.

It’s not real gambling, of course, but app developers did everything in their power to come as close to the original as possible. Hence, you can play various slots, and table games such as poker, roulette, and blackjack using fake money in your favourite social media app!

These games are either placed on platforms such as Facebook or grouped within social casino apps downloadable from Apple and Android stores.

Advantages of the Best Social Casino Apps

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Gambling

What are the good sides of social casino apps? Are they better than traditional gambling? And is there a reason these would be a better option than classic gambling games?

One of the first perks of social casinos that comes to mind is the free-to-play option. You do not have to risk your money – you can enjoy gambling games for free! This is an important advantage as most novices and aspiring players need practice, and the best way to build skills is by playing for free. Hence, freeplay casino games are a spectacular way to get introduced to online gambling.

Another great thing about these sites is the aspect of social Interaction. You can play these games with friends and family, something online casinos miss. Sure, you get a small injection of social interaction via live chat in live dealer games, but that’s not nearly enough.

Here, you get games that you can play with friends, not random strangers who have entered the game at the same time as you did.

And these two experiences are two very different things!

One thing that is more in favour of traditional casinos might be small, but also a deciding factor. Namely, you know how we said that social casinos are free to join and play at? Well, that is true for the most part. You get gratis chips/coins when you sign up, but you can easily lose the faux moolah.

If you want to play more, you will be forced to get more moolah: and the best way is to purchase it using real credits. So, you might have to pay using real money to play for free – and you cannot cash out winnings. And if we are talking about gambling games, the whole point is to win some cash, right?

Social Casinos Versus Online Casinos

Our article does mention quite a few key characteristics of social casinos that make them different from online casinos. However, we thought it would be great to put it in a better perspective and list the main differences between social casino apps and online casino sites.

The first difference between the two is the nature of money used – social casinos operate with fake money only. Players cannot win real money at social casino apps – while traditional gambling sites are designed as real money casinos. The same goes for withdrawals – you cannot cash-out money from social casinos.

The games available at these venues are mostly similar, as you enjoy slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and even live games on social networks. Social network gambling does not exactly involve live game shows, though – for now. Classic gambling websites cover a variety of genres, topics, and themes, all of which you can try for real money and for free.

When it comes to legality, we see a difference between these two concepts. Namely, traditional gambling websites cannot work in countries that have not legalized online gambling, and they’ll need a working permit for that. Meanwhile, social media sites are free and available almost everywhere, which makes them accessible to millions of users non-stop.

Moreover, social gambling platforms are more popular on mobile devices, as most users prefer to visit social networks using smartphones.

Therefore, they are more inclined to play games on mobile phones, rather than on their desktop computers. That is why you can find a plethora of social casino apps in mobile app stores supported for both Android and Apple devices.


As you can see, players are always seeking new ways to have fun and enjoy their games. And you can be one of those players too – if you are bold enough to try social casino apps. We’ve talked about the allure of social gambling and some of the best social casino apps have found a truly incredible way to accommodate their players.

If you are looking for a way to practice playing casino games, building skills, testing different casino strategies, betting systems, and tricks – social casinos could be your thing. Stay tuned with BestCasinos for more information about casino gaming, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Social Casinos

  • Can I win real money at social casinos?

 No, you cannot. Social casinos are not available for real money play, you can only win fake money in the game. And whatever you win, you will not be able to cash it out from the social casino platform.

  • Are social casinos legal?

Yes, social gambling is legal almost everywhere. Social casinos are on social media platforms, and they do not use real money, so they are not illegal. You can play social gambling games wherever you are and whenever you want.

Can I play slots at social casinos? 

Yes, you can play slot games at social casino sites. However, you can also play roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker – nearly every gambling game type is available! Some newer casinos even feature live dealer tables, where an actual person assists and helps players with the rounds.

  • Is it free to play at social casinos?

Yes, it is free to play at social casinos. If you want to enjoy free social gambling games, you need only register to receive free chips and coins. Use the received chips and coins to play games and win more. If you run out of free coins, you have the option to top up your social casino account with money by paying with real money.


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