Betsoft Commences Max Quest Promotion with AR in Berlin

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The world’s premier online content creator Betsoft Gaming is showcasing its very own augmented reality installation at the Alexa Centre in Berlin, Germany so as to promote its freshest addition to the portfolio that is Max Quest: Wrath of Ra.

Feel the Wrath of Ra!

Bound to “transplant the excitement of RNG-based slot gaming into a multiplayer interactive shooting experience”, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is due for release later this month.

This immersive role-playing, adrenaline charged, action driven game enables up to six players to unite on a mutual quest of discovering ancient subterranean treasure and face hordes of archenemies of the God of Sun while at the same time tackling some of the world’s biggest mysteries to gain as much as possible to run for the top position on the leaderboard.

Spectacular Venue

Alexa Centre Berlin is the proud host of this showcase, and the AR Magic Mirror as already been installed in the main plaza. B

erlin’s Alexanderplatz is a usually check point for tourists, but these days the area has been swarming with gaming lovers all waiting to try out the new installation. The organisers have been encouraging visitors to join the life-sized virtual version of Max Quest’s treasure laden rooms.

A live video feed was used on a large screen to deliver the engrossing gaming experience. The plaza, overlaid with game elements was home to standing ovations by the participants. Stamping on the AR scarabs that scurried underfoot got the players points they needed to climb the leaderboard.

To collect more points, they needed to fight the mummies and fathom gems scattered all over the place. The game is a full package, encompassing all sorts of thematic elements such as ancient tombs, sarcophagi and thousands of year’s old statues, making sure that the player feels as if he or she were actually on the spot.


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