Evolution Sets Super-Fast Live Speed Blackjack in Motion

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Prominent provider of live casino games and solutions Evolution is starting 2020 with style.

Evolution Gaming, Riga-based live dealer expert, is launching brand new Speed Blackjack.

Faster than Light

Speed Blackjack is the fastest Blackjack variant the market has ever seen. The speedy game obeys to the same rules as the standard Live Blackjack. However, there is a crucial difference – the dealing order.

In Speed Blackjack, the first two cards to come are dealt normally. But then a crazy, revolutionary thing happens. All the players now have the chance to simultaneously Hit, Double Down or Split.

Speed really pays out in this Live Blackjack variant, as the first player to decide gets dealt first.

Then the dealing pattern carries on until all participants have made all of their decisions.

Blackjack, Levelled up

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution, commented on the advanced Speed Blackjack.

“For the last hundred years or so, Blackjack players have made decisions from the dealer’s left to right, in order. Everyone has had to wait for the deciding player because that is how it’s always been done in casinos.”

But then, Evolution started wondering – why would players have to wait?

And that is how Speed Blackjack came about.

With Speed Blackjack, players make a decision when they are ready, Haushalter explained. “Whoever is fastest gets the next hit card, giving the player more control.”

The best thing? This system does not influence the mathematics of the game. The only thing it does is reduce the waiting time.

In comparison with Evolution’s standard Live Blackjack, Speed Blackjack is 30-40% faster. As a Blackjack player himself, Haushalter said “it feels really good” not to have to wait. Additionally, Evolution’s CPO highlighted the increase in control as the key characteristic of Speed Blackjack.


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