Video Blackjack Launch Ezugi

Ezugi Launches Video Blackjack, First-Ever Player-to-Player Live Mobile Blackjack

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Video Blackjack, a revolutionary live dealer release by Ezugi, is finally out. The leading live casino software producer unveiled its first-ever live feed video blackjack game which features 7 seats, a unique mobile-only interface, and video and sound sharing!

Seeing Opponents in Full HD

Thanks to Video Blackjack, players can see each other for the first time ever. In other words, you can see and chat with other players seated at the table via video and sound share options. To participate in the game, you must consent to share your video and audio – something many players will find very interesting.

The unique aspect of Video Blackjack is also the fact that it can be played only on mobile devices in portrait mode. You cannot access it via desktops, something we found oddly entertaining. Is that the future of iGaming? We cannot tell for sure, but we are very curious to see how the audience takes to Video Blackjack by Ezugi.

Unique Yet Classic

Not every segment of the game is revolutionary and a step outside the comfort zone. Gameplay-wise, we have a standard European Blackjack table with standard betting rules, and Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets. The side bets add a bit of pizzazz to the overall experience, making it perfect for fans of both modern and classic blackjack gambling.

If you are still worried about video sharing, we must note that the release complies with all necessary regulations. Ezugi made sure to comply even with procedures and solutions safeguarding against inappropriate video content, which will make the whole experience enjoyable and safe for all involved.

Pang Goh, Business Development Director at Ezugi, said that the new release adds ‘an extra-special social dimension’ to live blackjack gambling. For Goh, the player-to-player feature brought live gambling and land-based casinos even closer – as ‘online gambling can be even more like a visit to a real casino’. We are beyond excited to see how players react to seeing fellow players and their reactions to the action happening in their gaming sessions.


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