MRG Group on a Mission to Reshape the Industry

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It’s an exciting time to be alive in the constantly-changing and evolving online gaming industry.

Widely considered a leading provider of gaming services and products, MRG Group – a proud owner of industry’s leading online casino Mr Green and also the owner of Green Jade Games – has apparently set out to reshape the online slot landscape as we know it.

In the latest market update the company has announced that Green Jade Games is launching its innovative slots portfolio with Hammer of Fortune.

Adventure Slots

Well aware that classic slots are slowly but surely being pushed to the sidelines by titles incorporating more and more video game elements, Green Jade Games is announcing its Adventure Slots series.

It is said to be the start of a content evolution designed to shape out the future of iGaming industry.

As a combination of standard casino slots with elements from the video and computer game world, Adventure Slots will provide players with a great control of the gameplay. Not only will this increase player retention but also change the overall perception of slot games.

“A focus on customer’s changing needs is the critical element in defining the type of content we wish to deliver. We recognise there is a significant opportunity to serve a broader playing audience with a new style of game content. Hammer of Fortune is our first gateway into the future of gambling games,” Benedict McDonagh, MD of Green Jade Games, said.

Hammer Leads Way

Hammer of Fortune is a 6×4 slot game.

The story revolves around an unlikely hero called Brin, who is tasked with saving his village from Gunnhild and her army of rock trolls.

Brin is making way through the game as players progress deeper into the gameplay. The hero will then meet his friends – Papa and Astrid – and their humorous horse Barrett. All of the characters can summon knowledge, power and strength to defeat their evil enemy.

Hammer of Fortune is the game’s most important symbol. It’s personal and it changes with every spin you take. Different players can use it to knock out symbols and that’s where you will hope that it lays in the hands of Brin – who brings bigger symbols busts and bigger wins.

“Hammer of Fortune is the ideal game to introduce Green Jade Games to the market. It’s innovative and represents a new iGaming genre. Green Jade Games’ future is set to be very interesting,” Per Norman, CEO of MRG, comments.

Hammer of Fortune is initially available at selected casino sites in the MRG Group.


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