Play’n GO Releases New 3-Hand Casino Hold’em

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The latest addition to Play’n GO portfolio is proof that this premium provider knows its business in all game categories. The new title is a traditional poker variant with a little Play’n GO twist. Ladies and gentlemen get ready for 3-Hand Casino Hold’em!

Three Chances to Beat the Dealer

The new 3-Hand Casino Hold’em poker variant gives you the unique three chances to beat the dealer. You can play three hands at once, instead of the usual one hand! Playing with three hands in one single deck brings you the advantage of always knowing your odds if you complete any of the three hands.

How to Play

You start by placing an Ante Bet on one, two or all three Hands. You can also place an additional AA Bonus bet with the Ante Bet. When you finish placing the bets, two cards will be dealt face-up to you for each Active Hands, and two cards face down to the Dealer.

Then, three community cards are dealt face-up. If they form a pair of Aces combination with any of the cards in your possession, the Dealer pays out your AA Bonus bet!

After that, you choose whether to Call or Fold on each of your Hands. The decision to Call places a Call Bet on that hand. After Calling or Folding for each of your active Hands, the Dealer will deal with the last two Community Cards face-up and reveal their own hidden cards.  For each active hand the best possible 5-Card Poker Hand will be chosen using the 5 Community Cards and 2 Cards in each hand. If your hands turn out to be better than the Dealer, you win! Otherwise, the Dealer wins.

If the Hands are equal, you will face a Push which translates into your Ante and Call bets returning to you.

Volatility depends on the strategy, but the RTP is 96%. The game is accessible via all possible platforms in all Play’n GO casinos!


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