Playtech Launches Second Version of Live Spin a Win

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Playtech has launched Live Spin a Win at the start of the year but after the numerous complains about the game not being too “live”, the provider took it dawn.

The main problem seems to be that an RTG engine controlled the game and that technology just wasn’t enough for experienced Live Casino players.

Issues Taken Care Of!

Now, after more than three months, the new version of Live Spin a Win is out and the difference is huge.

The game is smooth and gives players a great choice. RNG technology is replaced by a new manual wheel so the game now looks promising. It is basically a Wheel of Fortune type of game and it reminds us a little bit of roulette but the main difference is that the wheel is in vertical position. It has more segments but less numbers in comparison to European Roulette, 53 instead of 37.

Players bet on the number they believe the wheel spun by a dealer will stop at and they can bet on how many numbers they like so bets can be placed on individual or multiple numbers.

The RTP to player is 97.22% according to the provider and is achieved by playing the Odd Side Bet. Other bets have lower RTP. There are three Side Bets on this game that can be played on their own or alongside the main bets. You bet on Odds that pay 0.75:1, Evens 1.25:1 and Multiplier 25:1.

There are 30 Odd numbers and 21 Even numbers on the wheel and therefore are different payouts.

There are 6 numbers and each one has different Pay Out value which is determined by the number of times it appears on the wheel. Number 1 pays 1:1 because it appears 23 times. Number 2 appears 15 times and pays 2:1. Number 5 appears 7 times and pays 5:1 while 10 appears 3 times and pays 10:1. Twenty appears twice and pays 20:1 and 40 appears once and pays 40:1. Two Multiplier segments are in charge of increasing the payouts by 2x or 7x when they are hit and therefore deliver huge wins.

For now, you can play the game at Betfred before it goes live with Bet365 and Betfair.


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