A New Plan of Business for UKGC

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The UK Gambling Commission has just issued a new business plan.

The business plan is for 2019-2020, and it’s important because it highlights the Commission’s effort to protect the consumers and enhance the regulatory framework.

This plan is in full accordance with the announced 3-year strategy, which has the aim to revitalize and strengthen the entire industry.

New Plan to Continue an Old Path

The 3-year initiative was started in 2018, and it will last until 2021. The aim is, as we mentioned, complete revitalization and recuperation of the industry by instilling new rules as well as reassessing old ones.

The UKGC started this project precisely because their annual reports from previous years suggest worrying results in gambling participation and a surge in problem gambling.

The initiative is supposed to introduce a whole set of new regulations and projects aimed at raising awareness and introduction of safer measures for players.

The Focus is Still Sharp

According to the business plan, the focus of UKGC is still on five principal priorities. They centre on protecting the interests of consumers, preventing gambling harm to both public and consumers, raising the standards of the gambling market, optimizing returns to good causes from lotteries, and improving the way they regulate.

They intend to launch a series of projects which focus on each of these five points.

This business plan comes into effect at the same time as the new National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms. The strategy will prioritize children and generally younger generations, because it is widely considered that they are more vulnerable and exposed to dangerous impacts of gambling than other people.

The official statement following the publication of the business plan comments on their efforts in changing the current landscape of gambling, but also on the need to do even more in the future.


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