Betsoft Gaming Signs Content Deal with River iGaming

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In an effort to secure its place as the first and favourite choice for software developing companies, Betsoft has announced a new deal with the aspiring River iGaming company.

This partnership will bring many benefits for both companies as River iGaming aims to gain fame as a place where innovation and testing the limits are the norm, while Betsoft will have an outstanding opportunity to reach out to even more customers with their premium quality slot games in the markets River operates in.

River has seen a rapid growth ever since their start near the end of 2017.

Although the company is relatively new to the industry, they have already succeeded in establishing a player-facing online casino, creating an affiliate program and securing high-profile deals within the industry, which in turn has made them a key player in the ever-changing gaming industry.

“River has very quickly carved out a unique position in the iGaming industry, with a new vision for a comprehensive player journey where every touchpoint is managed under a single roof, and the value of every player is maximised”, Annamaria Anastasi, the Marketing Director at Betsoft Gaming said.

“One of the cornerstones of this vision is, of course, to provide value to the player in return.  This requires the operator portion of River’s business to be able to offer the best slot games the market already has to offer, with a reliable stream of innovative new content being added over time.”

And that’s exactly what can they expect from Betsoft.

Not only does the agreement include the new slots, but also any future content that Betsoft will offer.

Both companies are very excited about their partnership, with Ismael Diagne, the Chief Operating Officer from River adding, “After analysing the market, we came to the conclusion that Betsoft could deliver everything we required.”

He explained that River has a unique task of searching for content that is always one step ahead and that can provide its customers with the finest games the industry can offer.


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