CGA Supports New Sports Betting Act in Canadian Parliament

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The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) has fully approved of the introduction of the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act.

Saskatchewan MP Kevin Waugh has introduced the bill first in the House of Commons of Canada two weeks ago.

The Reason Behind It

Sports betting has been legal in Canada for decades. But now, Canadians can only place wagers through a parlay bet.  They have a permission to bet and correctly predict the outcome of at least two or more games to win.

The Bill is supposed to amend the Criminal Code. This way, it will become legal to bet on the outcome of a single sporting event.

On the introduction of the bill, Waugh told the House that there is already single event wagering of sports in this country. “And if you don’t think so, you’re behind the curtains,” he said.

What the Officials Have to Say

Canadians are already making bets through illegal bookmaking operations in their country worth approximately $10 billion annually. In addition to this, they are wagering more than $4 billion through offshore online sports wagering sites. At present, only $500 million goes through legal provincial sports lottery products accessible to the residents of Canada.

Amending the Criminal Code to legalize single-event sports wagering will help deliver a safe and legal option to Canadians. It will also address important issues such as consumer protection, said Paul Burns, CEO of the Canadian Gaming Association. According to him, all of this will enable “economic benefits to flow to licensed gaming operators, communities and provincial governments.”

“This amendment will allow us to safeguard the $17.1-billion economic contribution that gaming makes to Canada” Burns noted. He also mentioned there will be “182,500 jobs that support not only individuals but communities. We look forward to working with all political parties to make single-event sports wagering a reality,” Burns concluded.


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