EGBA Praises Germany’s Progress on New Gambling Regulation

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The new gambling regulations in Germany have caused quite the stir.

It ruffled the feathers of numerous companies and operators currently working in the country.

However, not everyone shares the sentiment. The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has openly expressed its content with the progress of the formulation of new laws. As the Secretary General of EGBA explained, the Association is welcoming the State Treaty as a positive development for Germany.

Bringing Germany’s Regulations into the 21st Century

The new draft of the State Treaty was provisionally agreed by Germany’s regional state authorities.

The main aim of the Treaty is to introduce a firm framework for gaming and gambling activities in the country. The activities must be efficiently monitored to ensure a safe environment for all parties included. The online sector is the most delicate, because harmful, illicit activities are most likely to appear precisely there.

EGBA is confident the new regulations will fulfil all goals previously set. That includes consumer protection, regulatory oversight of gambling and state tax revenues.

The fate of the new treaty will be decided on the meeting scheduled for March 5th. If the draft is accepted by the Ministers and Presidents, it will replace the current treaty. State authorities announced that the new Treaty will come into effect on the 1st of July 2021.

A Positive Development

The Secretary General of EGBA Maarten Haijer considers this draft a positive advancement of Germany towards the 21st century.

He believes that the installation of new regulations for gambling activity will fit the digital age we now live in. For him, the new regulation “provides a safer gambling environment for consumers and enables a well-regulated and well-channelled market”.

Of course, the EGBA will continue to follow the development of the Treaty draft. The Association looks forward to the “constructive dialogue with the German authorities” on the current subject.



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