EGT Interactive Incorporates Spider Casino Management in Africa

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Euro Games Technology (EGT) has launched its Spider Casino Management System in the African market.

The Spider CMS is now installed in Winbet’s latest gambling hall in Tanzania, right after it was introduced across several other countries.

The Spider CMS

The system includes several different modules each focusing on a specific set of casino activity.

Namely, the main point of this system is the improvement of security, so each module is designed with exactly this purpose. Modules focusing on player tracking and bonuses enhance the software with various impressive features such as real-time data about the gamers, elaborate player history, several VIP loyalty, and incentive programs.

Different kinds of bonus points and rewards are enabled as well, while the interactive instant rewarding system gets a completely new level.

However, the main point is that each feature is completely adjustable so every casino which implements this management system can customize each part of the product’s offer. It is easy to tailor it to fit the needs of any casino anywhere in the world.

Going Worldwide

Officials from EGT are amazed to see the system functioning perfectly outside of Europe. While they designed and developed it to focus on primarily European markets, the expansion into the African market is a true testament to Spider CMS quality.

The success of the system in other countries influenced EGT to introduce it to Winbet’s venue. Winbet has been a loyal partner of EGT for years, and the fact that this system is already doing wonders with the efficiency of the casino, loyalty programs, and player engagement is a sure sign that in no time we will see even more casinos implementing this Spider Casino Management System.

The easy-to-install system is ready in full for all establishments that wish to improve their efficiency and the main point is that is is always updating to cover wider ranges of customers’ needs.


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