Ezugi New Company Brand Identity Reveal

Ezugi Reveals New Brand Identity Which Honours Company Values More

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When it comes to the live casino industry, Ezugi is a force to be reckoned with. The proud creator of over 20 live game types has been at the top of the industry for years! However, the peak of its career was 2018, when the company joined Evolution’s network. But it’s time for a change.

The change in question entails a brand identity change, highlighting Ezugi’s efforts to stay fresh and respect its company values.

A New Visual Quality of Ezugi

The first thing that Ezugi announced is the visual identity change. The company is changing the logo, as well as the slogan.

The new logo is far different from the original, mostly because it features black and red accents instead of white and blue. The font also changed, with the new choice representing a more refined, sleek option that more accurately represents Ezugi’s expertise in the gambling sector. However, the most interesting part of the new logo is the red streaming dot on the letter “i” in the company name.

The new slogan is “Smart Move”, which, according to the company, reflects Ezugi’s product portfolio and ethos of providing innovative localised content”. The official rebrand announcement further explains that Ezugi’s goal never was about ‘one size fits all’. Instead, Ezugi wants to create “sophisticated content with a ‘first-to-market’ mentality”.

The New Face Followed by a New Mentality

The visual changes are not the key to this rebrand, but they are an essential part of the physical change that the players can see right away. Besides a new logo and slogan, the company also plans to change the website and support.

Once Ezugi finally launches a brand-new website and an improved user-oriented customer portal, the corporate rebranding will be complete.

Kfir Kugler, CEO of Ezugi, shared his sentiments on the new rebrand.

“We have a new ‘smart’ look, but our mission will always remain the same – to give our customers an advantage over the competition through data and innovation.”


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