Gauselmann Introduces Major Changes for Battling COVID-19

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COVID-19 has the world on lockdown. Across the globe, countries are introducing strict guidelines and rules of comportment to contain the spread of the virus. With each new set of regulations, the major economies tighten – and it affects everybody.

One of the biggest companies in online gaming Gauselmann Group has introduced massive changes as well. The Group closed the majority of its facilities across Europe, which is the epicentre of the virus outbreak. Other brands, such as Novomatic, also had to come up with effective measures to combat the pandemic.

European Facilities Closed Until Further Notice

The German company Gauselmann Group closed all its production facilities a couple of days ago. The official reason is already familiar to the rest of the world – coronavirus. The company decided to protect its employees and the company by closing the production lines across Europe.

The official statement carried a message of solidarity and efficiency. The top priority is to protect the employees, regardless of the consequences of such actions. The company mentioned that it expects massive losses in the production and sales departments, but that is less important. For Gauselmann, a family business, staying safe is paramount.

A heart-warming message was sent out to all Gauselmann Group employees that are fearful for their jobs. The company stands behind them and thanked everyone for their patience and understanding. The same happened with the Group’s subsidiaries such as Merkur Gaming.

Novomatic Stronger Than Ever

Gauselmann Group’s situation is not different from the rest of the gaming companies. A vast number of digital gaming brands created useful measures to protect from the virus and its consequences.

One of the best examples is Novomatic. The Austrian gaming giant has recently published new guidelines that comply with the government’s strict rules. Among the new rules, Novomatic launched a project for remote workspaces. Most of the Novomatic employees now work from home, because that is much safer for them.

The most important departments, such as HR, Legal, Accounting, and Communications, are still fully operational. The company said that it supports its employees and remains in the care of all of them.

The message that the brand sent to its employees is equally heartwarming as Gauselmann Group. In these times of crisis, it is great to know that major companies take care of their own and boost teamwork.


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