GiG Launched Real-Time Data Platform with Megalotto, Its First B2C Customer

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GiG and Megalotto have extended their fruitful partnership. The two gaming brands joined forces and launched GiG’s real-time Data platform, with Megalotto as the first client.

The platform is designed to boost gaming intelligence by providing real-time info about gaming services. Megalotto and all future clients can monitor their businesses with utmost diligence and efficiency.

A New Gaming Outlook

Thanks to this platform, GIG’s future clients can have insights into time-sensitive data straight from the platform. Moreover, the users can access a KPI library that comes with the quite helpful AI. The platform also covers player safety and anti-money laundering.

GiG’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ben Clemens, said that the company is very excited to extend the partnership with Megalotto. The Data platform “offers operators a fast and scalable self-service tool that enhances business intelligence”. He said that GiG Data is a secure and compliant data framework, responsive to the critical data needs of partners.

Strength in Numbers

On the other hand, Megalotto is quite happy about the integration. The company is thrilled to gain access to GiG’s Data platform and increase the business potential. A key strategic objective for Megalotto is to become a data-driven organization. An organisation which can extract and interpret a mixture of financial & transactional data in real-time. Furthermore, the company wants to make better decisions for the customer and for the company. The tools they now have available via GiG data means they can continue to offer a personalised and gaming experience.

GiG Chief Information Officer, Chris Armes, said:

“GiG has increased its portfolio of products running on production by Megalotto signing up for GiG Data. Our partners have been shouting for leading data services and this is our solution. A compliant, real-time data platform that focuses on self-service that will help our partners optimise and surpass expectations in today’s competitive markets.”


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