GiG Offers Free Coronavirus Compliance Analysis

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Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) is making an effort to help software companies in these dire times. Coronavirus, which we also know as COVID-19, is spreading fast across the world. The dangerous virus has affected economic and social developments across the globe, and GiG is looking to change that.

As an act of help for all game providers, GiG Comply is offering coronavirus compliance check for free. All game providers can access the GiG’s updated affiliate monitoring software now.

Uncovering Unauthorised Promotions

Gaming Innovation Group wants to help all online providers. Its proprietary affiliate monitoring software now offers the companies a chance to check unauthorised promotions. Plus, the gaming mogul added several useful keywords that link to the virus, so brands can check whether affiliates exploit them.

But let’s take a step back and explain why GiG did this. In the past several days, authority bodies discovered that some affiliates exploited the perilous situation concerning the virus. GiG, wanting to help with the protection of online gaming brands, came up with the idea to add keywords to its software.

So now, all online providers can check whether their affiliates are using the brands for inappropriate purposes. In other words, they can now see if the affiliates use the brands to make a profit on the current situation with the virus.

A Strong Front

James King, Director of Sales at GiG, said of the updates that his company doesn’t believe that anyone should profit off this crisis. The crisis has a significant effect on so many within the casino industry already. Therefore, GiG is running checks against COVID-19/ Coronavirus, and other associated keywords. Operators can access the data for free.

He also said that their technology could scan and analyse thousands of web pages within a short space of time. Hence, it is excellent for support of the industry in its fight against those who seek profit.


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