Good Q1 Results for 888 Despite Setbacks in the Poker Sector

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The 888 casino operator has just published a progress report for the first half of this year.

According to the report, the casino has encountered several setbacks in the poker sector, but that didn’t stall the overall progress of the operator’s entire business.

The Report

Even though poker revenue was 28% lower in comparison with the same period of last year, the group revenue experienced a rise of 6%. The growth happened thanks to sizeable profits across casino and sports betting operations, which completely overshadowed the losses experienced in poker.

A 20% surplus of new players can potentially be explained by the inauguration of the operator’s Orbit Casino platform, which attracted numerous new customers to the casino. Last year, the percentage of new players rose (only) 13%.

Even more impressive results were achieved in the area of sports. Compared to the year 2018, revenue rose for an astounding 29%, while bingo results stayed the same.

The only problematic results came from the poker sector, where revenue dropped 28% in comparison with the previous year. Although that might seem worrying, officials from 888 casino say that they are not disturbed by such reports as they are justifiable to a certain extent by the challenging conditions that emerged during this period.

The Predictions Bring Hope

The CEO of 88, ItaiPazner, said in his statement upon the release of the report that he strongly believes this year is definitely going to be in line with their expectations.

Taking into consideration the final quarter of the previous year, the first quarter of this year is great – starting the year with a bang, they managed to improve growth in several markets, among which the UK market stands out as the most successful one.


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