Greentube Revolutionizing iGaming with nJoin

Staff Writer Industry News, Novomatic 407

Greentube, the interactive division of Novomatic, has launched a new tool to significantly speed up partner integrations.

According to Greentube, nJoin helps in reducing the integration of its games into partner platforms from months to a matter of days, while at the same time providing simple, interactive and transparent integration progress.

Amar Gharani, Head of Games Integration at Greentube, commented: “Game integrations have never been easier and it’s amazing to see feedback from the operators on how easy, effective and transparent the integrations have become for them nJoin.” She also took this opportunity to thank her team of highly talented and inspiring specialist thanks to whom this project is now completed.

With the help of this tool, B2B partners will in no time build up a knowledge base about Greentube’s games and platform features. This will enable them to integrate, debug and fix issues on the spot, in addition to launching and playing its games.

This tool features a designed that best suits the needs of Greentube’s B2B partners who wish to integrate its games into their platform.

Greentube’s Goals

Michael Bauer, Greentube CFO/CGO: “Our strategy is to continuously expand throughout Europe and the Americas. nJoin will be a catalyst in reaching our goals as future integrations will be more efficient and faster for both us and our B2B partners.”

He also complimented his amazing team, for their role in this endeavour.

Test Suits

The core features of nJoin are its test suits. They are responsible for guiding users through the implementation of any and all B2B interaction between Greentube and its partners.

The built-in diagnostic tools provide immediate feedback which furthers easy bug fixing.

When the integration is over, the operator can run all automated test cases from start to finish, and receive an overview to find out which tests have passed and which not.


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