Habanero Launches Jackpot Race Slot Functionality

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Jackpot Race is here, a new patent-pending jackpot system which is shared among a pool of winners by Habanero.

Toni Karapetrov, Head of Corporate Communications at Habanero, said the company put a lot of time and energy into this project and they are delighted to finally release the Jackpot Race functionality.

“We call it the Jackpot Race because it is both competitive by design, and because many players can win simultaneously on a split share of the pay-out.”

What Is Jackpot Race?

Jackpot Race accumulates value through a configured time system. Once the race starts, the jackpot must be triggered before the end of the designated time.  When the pay-out jackpot is triggered, all players who are actively playing are allocated winnings in order of the received bet on the server. Payouts are based according to the configurable prize pool.

“The offering includes assistance with customised promotional content, as well as all the built-in feedback and dialogues within the game which will serve to keep excitement high,” Karapetrov added.

“And, of course, it gives operators the opportunity to fully customise their very own Jackpot Race. We are sure players and operators alike are going to be delighted by this exciting addition to our portfolio”

Fully Customisable

This fully customisable Jackpot Race allows operators to adapt parameters for their and their players’ specific needs.

The operator chooses how many slots will participate in the race and how long will the time window of the accumulation process and race schedule be. The operator can also set the minimum qualifying bet size and the prize pool allocation.

Habanero illustrated the Jackpot through the following example:

An operator chooses six slot games and a 3-hour race period that will start on Friday night at 8 pm. The jackpot will accumulate value from all play outside the race period and during the race itself.

The Jackpot Race begins on Friday night and sometime between 8 pm and 11 pm the payout event will be triggered. The chances for the event are higher towards the end of a race and the winners are paid according to a pool such as 50% for the first place, 30% for the second place and 20% for 10 additional places.

Sound pretty interesting, doesn’t it?


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