Introducing ReelPay – The New Safe & Secure Mobile Payment App

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As iGaming keep evolving, so do banking methods that players can utilise when they fund their accounts or get paid out their winnings.

A Game Changer

Innovative Technology Ltd. (ITL), a company headquartered in Oldham, Lancashire in England, has come up with a brand new mobile app that will allow clients to smoothly transfer funds to any reel-based or digital gaming machine, speedily and securely.

You no longer need to carry cash around with you in order to be able to play; you can simply transfer money from the app on your mobile phone and play instantly. You can get the app now from Google Play and the App Store. In addition, there is a QR code enabled for scan, thanks to which you can transfer funds safely to an individual gaming machine using your smartphone and your debit card.

Safe & Easy to Use

ITL has already marked some significant success in the North West and continues to spread the efficiency on both reel-based and digital machines. The English brand has been developing payment methods for around 27 years now and boasts the expertise and knowledge required to create the most quality option. ReelPay has proven itself to be one of the best alternative payment solutions on the market, having been showcased at EGA and ICE London 2019.

Ahead of the Growing Cashless Gaming Trend

ReelPay was made to have many benefits for players, casino operators and pub retailers alike. It gives clients more convenience and choice, whilst simultaneously provides operators with a cashless payment method and optimises cashbox performance and revenues.

Andy Bullock, the firm’s Senior Business Development Manager, explained the technology behind the new payment method.  “The real Operator benefits of ReelPay come from our Live Collect system, which runs in the background providing real-time data and transaction reporting across machines and sites.”

ReelPay is also in alignment with ITL’s commitment to responsible gambling. We are looking forward to hearing more about the method soon.


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