Latvia Introduces Responsible Gambling Program

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We don’t talk about Latvia often, and we should. The growing online gaming market in the European country is making itself more prominent every day.

Recently, we briefly mentioned Latvia in connections with Mr Green. Namely, the world famous online gambling operator recruited GiG Gaming to rule over Latvian market. And this happened just about a month ago.

Now, Latvia has more great news to share. And this concerns players.

More Protection, More Security

As of January 1st 2020, Latvia has had a firmer grip on responsible gambling in its regulated market.

The new feature gives online punters the option to self-exclude if they feel like it, for any reason. The new responsible gambling program looks to prevent problem gambling and safeguard clients every step of the way.

Previously, the Latvian government approved the proposed self-exclusion program. Thus from the first day of 2020, gamblers can ban themselves from online gambling sites if they want to. This gives players more control over their gambling habits. Importantly, the program applies to both online casinos and land-based gaming venues.

Official Commentary

The Lottery and Gambling Supervisory Authority (IAUI) provided an insight into the new regulation.

“The purpose of the register of self-denied persons is to protect the public interest.” Besides, it allows “the right of natural persons to refrain from excessive gambling activities.” Such instances encompass “interactive gambling, or participation in interactive lotteries.”

“The exclusion applies to participation in all statutory gambling and interactive lotteries.”

According to the IAUI reports in 2019, 125 people demanded state-funded support for their problem gambling issues. This is but one of the reasons behind launching the new law regarding social responsibility.


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