LeoVegas and Kindred Group Enlist Rightlander in Sweden

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LeoVegas Casino along with Kindred’s Unibet Casino and several other brands under the company’s umbrella have entered the newly regulated Swedish market.

For this occasion, both LeoVegas and Kindred Group have enlisted the help of Rightlander, which is there to make sure that each operator and their promoting affiliates behave in a responsible and fair way.

 The founder of Rightlander, Ian Sims, explained the move: “As we have seen, some operators have already fallen foul of marketing rules and guidelines in Sweden, so it’s great to see two of the largest operators in the market take steps to improve their approach.”

These two operators already use the Rightlander’s compliance tools in other markets, namely in the UK.

Sims added that the decision to extend their collaboration to the Swedish market will bring many advantages and potential for operators and affiliates in that area that do follow the rules.

The technology of Rightlander scans websites of the affiliates in various geographical areas simultaneously and marks the locations where the brands of the operators are mentioned or linked to.  By further analysis of the text on those pages, it provides information which is related to compliance requirements in each area. This way, the operators may get in contact with affiliates that link to their brands, even those that they were maybe not aware of.

Officials from both Kindred Group and LeoVegas expressed their reasons for the collaboration with Rightlander.

Ryan Henderson, head of affiliates at Kindred Group, emphasized the importance of compliance for the whole market to work seamlessly.

LeoVegas’s head of affiliates, Remko De Boer, added that LeoVegas represents the same values, and the best way to maintain those values is to follow the work of the affiliate partners closely.


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