LeoVegas Opposes Gender Inequality with ‘LeoRegulus’

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In the light of current events and fighting against inequality, distinguished online casino operator LeoVegas is launching a new initiative that is supposed to be more inclusive towards women working in iGaming.

Namely, the venture has been created with the aim of correcting the “imbalance of gender representation in the technology sector”, and furthermore providing the incentive for more women to join the sector.


Lasting for 12 months, The LeoRegulus Global Traineeship Programme is comprised of dedicated traineeship programme and award scheme which are intended to expand opportunities for women to work in iGaming. The project’s venue will be Stockholm, Sweden but the participants (i.e. trainees) will have the chance to travel across the operator’s other sites in Europe.

After the 12 months, LeoVegas promises that the trainee will “likely” be offered a full-time job on a product team of their choice.

The Tech Award

What’s more, a sum of SEK 100,000 (€9,700) will be granted by LeoVegas to “an initiative, organisation, or person promoting an increased interest in and awareness of tech/AI among women”.

Gustaf Hagman, group chief executive of LeoVegas, has provided further commentary on the matter. He has called for a change and said that “the industry is missing out on a lot of potential, crucial perspectives and talent”. Hagman insists that it is something that needs to change. Namely, Sweden is booming in the technology sector, but only 25% of the workforce is women.

“We value competence over all other factors”

Hagman has highlighted that the main goal of the venture is to “inspire more women to pursue a career in tech”. However, they at LeoVegas are well aware that this step is not the last one to be taken in the direction of progress in terms of gender equality. “This is only one initiative and many more are needed to make a real difference,” Hagman has concluded.

It seems that LeoVegas is shedding a new light in the industry, and we can’t wait for other operators to follow the initiative.


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