Make Way for My RTP at VideoSlots Casino

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VideoSlots Casino proves yet again that it is at the top of its game and a king among innovators presenting its new feature My RTP.

The coming of the latest feature is no wonder as the nature of it is as innovative as VideoSlots itself is. Always standing out from the crowd and bringing creativity to the industry, VideoSlots is there to bring top notch gaming experience to all of its loyal clients.

My RTP is currently available for desktop computers only, but it will be enabled for mobile devices in the near future.

My RTP Explained

My RTP is basically a live feature that allows players to monitor their RTP as they play.

It consists of a few components such as statistics based on individual sessions made on alternate games. Now you can gather your overall statistics instantly!

Days when you had to make your gaming decisions based on theoretical RTP are well behind you, as My RTP gives you all you need to play without a single worry in the world. It analyses and evaluates your RTP for you based on the betting history.

Immediately after you finish the session, your RTP is calculated by this live feature, which will massively facilitate your gaming experience.

Facts My RTP Provides for You

As mentioned, just as you complete your session, your gameplay is analysed on the account, as it is updated promptly. Some of the facts you can learn about your gaming include your hit rate, the total number of spins, the overall RTP on the account, your own RTP in comparison to the game’s theoretical RTP, as well as the biggest win on particular slot games and the bet placed to achieve that win. So much information!

But there is more!

The coolest thing about this feature is that you can track back your RTP history to July 1, 2017.


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