Mayfair Casino Ltd Buys London’s Napoleons Casino

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London’s Napoleons Casino has been bought by Mayfair Casino Limited, one of the newest neophytes to the London casino market, from A&S Leisure Group. In England, Napoleons Casino is situated in the very heart of London, in Leicester Square.

Mayfair Casino Limited’s Side

George Polhill, Managing Director at Mayfair Casino Limited has said that they at Mayfair Casino Limited are more than elated to have made this purchase.

He has declared, “Napoleons is one of the West End’s most well known and long established entertainment venues, whether for after work, pre theatre or gaming crowds. Our immediate priority is to make the transition to new ownership as smooth as possible and ensure that casino members and guests continue to have the same high-level customer experience.”

Expressing respect for Napoleons Casino, Polhill has also gone to add, “It is an exciting time in our business and we are thrilled to join the dynamic London casino market.”

What A&S Leisure Group Has to Say

A&S Leisure Group is a privately-owned family-run firm that has been in the casino business for almost half a century.

Having started in Sheffield, and gradually expanding to other British cities, it is now one of the most influential gaming companies, and it is entirely UK-bound. It has been the owner of Napoleons for a long time, but they are happy to hand the control over to such respectful firm like Mayfair Casino Limited.

Dave Allen, Chairman of A&S Leisure Group Lt, has further commented, “Napoleons Casino has operated in Leicester Square for nearly 30 years during which time it has proven to be an unqualified success story. Much of the credit goes to the casino’s loyal and hardworking staff and we wish Mayfair Casino Ltd the best of luck with their new acquisition.”




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