More Brands Are Turning to Trustly’s Pay N Play Platform

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The company that is behind the payment service Trustly has built an innovative platform. As the name of the platform suggests, Pay N Play allows players to deposit money and play at casinos without registration.

The platform is very popular with the audience, as it shortens the registration process and enables safer transactions. Hence, more and more providers and operators are turning to Trustly’s platform to increase engagement.

Payment Innovation

Trustly is a payment service provider that is available in numerous casinos worldwide. The solid reputation of the service helped establish a name for the platform in the gaming community. Providers and operators have joined the platform and enabled their players to use it for their registration.

So, what is the deal with this platform, you ask? Well, it is simple – players only need cash, and they can deposit right after they enter the casino. The entire process of registration lasts shorter than usual. It links the player directly to his bank account and thus bypassing sophisticated verification and processes that occur in the background.

Rising Star of the Casino Industry

Currently, over 100 brands are actively collaborating with Trustly and the platform. The service is quite popular in Sweden, but brands in other countries use it too. Trustly’s innovative platform is available to players in Estonia, Germany, Finland, and the Netherlands.

SoftSwiss recently announced a partnership with the firm behind Trustly. The company said that they had joined forces to create a brand-new product that will help both the operators and the players.

The result of their hard work is a “mixed solution” that provides a “regular” registration process while using the platform. This way, the players feel like they are registering at a casino just like they always do, but it is quite quick. This will appeal to players that live in accepted regions, as they can have all the benefits of standard registration. Players outside approved areas will have a completely normal experience while registering.


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