Mr Green and BlueRibbon Join Forces to Create New Jackpot

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One of the top casino operators Mr Green has just announced a brand-new collaboration with BlueRibbon Software. The product of the collaboration is a revolutionary jackpot said to appear in Mr Green’ lobby on the Swedish market.

The New Face of Gaming

The giants of the gaming industry harness the technological advancements in order to create content that best suits the audience of today.

We already have a host of widgets and gadgets that serve to improve the overall experience, but Mr Green being one of the top casinos worldwide, always seeks to take the game on a higher level.

The newest addition to the vast collection of games currently displayed in the lobby is said to be the new face of gaming, as the new features added to the new jackpot serve to personalize the gaming experience even more.

Titled Personal Jackpot, the first version of the game boasts an added feature which will allow the players to always have access to their pot amount both from My Account page as well as within the game. This way, each customer gets a fully individual version of the jackpot, as they can track their pot buildup all the time. This was previously possible only as a version of pooled prizes where the win probability was rather low.

However, individualized jackpots will, as Mr Green officials say, make each player “a guaranteed winner”.

Go Big or Go Home

Both parties involved in the creation of this bespoke jackpot are thrilled about their partnership. Further expansions and improvements are planned in the future, so there’s no doubt that this product is about to become even greater than it is now.

BlueRibbon Software recently acquired a Malta Gaming Authority license for work, which means that this collaboration is just a teaser of amazing works we can expect from this provider in the near future.


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