NetEnt Insists on Change in the Swedish Casino Licensing Laws

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We discussed a lot about Sweden and its growing online gambling market. We also wrote plenty of stories and posts about NetEnt and its excellent gaming content.

What most of you probably do not know is that NetEnt is from Sweden. The Swedish market has been one of the main targets for the top-tier game provider. However, ever since Sweden opened its doors to the international crowds, things have been quite different for existing players. NetEnt, one of the leading players in the Swedish playground, now demands changes.

Fair Licensing

The primary demand that NetEnt voiced to the public is a change in the licensing requirements. As NetEnt explained, Sweden needs to create fairer conditions and a more equitable channelisation rate. The numerous restrictions that transpired in the market since its 2019 opening created a row of challenges for operators.

NetEnt explained that most operators and companies working in Sweden faced considerably lower results and revenues than in the previous years.

Valid Arguments

Therese Hillman, NetEnt Group CEO, explained how each change in the market brought consequences and limitations to each provider there.

She said that the ban on bonuses for existing players resulted in a lower channelisation rate. The company hoped for better results, but the introduced measure was like price regulation. Furthermore, the revenue drops in Sweden had a significantly negative effect on the total revenues for the year. She explained that providers are not subject to licensing requirements. On the other hand, the new rules imply that players cannot play at unlicensed casinos nor casinos can offer uncertified games.

NetEnt’s stand is that the company would welcome the introduction of B2B licenses. NetEnt believes that this would raise the demands for the suppliers, which serious competitors can and should meet. Her statement ended on a hopeful note. She said she hopes the changes would “create fairer conditions for all participants on the market, and lead to a higher channelisation rate.”


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