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NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dreams Cashes out £4M to British Player

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The last 45 grains of salt are sifting through the hourglass, but Mega Fortune Dreams cannot be stopped.

This October at, the spectacular progressive jackpot launched by slot specialist NetEnt rewarded a 49-year old Brit with a multi-million cash prize!

The steps were simple – he placed an 80p bet, and got £4,082,246.09 in return!

Henrik Fagerlund, NetEnt Chief Product Officer, declared that Mega Fortune Dreams had once again “lived up to its name” by creating another instant multi-millionaire and “delivering a life-changing win”.

As for, it is part of the eminent Kindred Group that belongs among online gambling company stars, and it also offers a wide selection of sports and betting products across multiple local and global brands.

You Don’t Get to Win a £4m Jackpot Everyday

The Brit, whose identity we are not allowed to disclose, was mesmerised and dazed and said on the winning, “You hear about people winning these sorts of multi-million-pound jackpots, but you never really believe it as it never happens to anyone you know.”

And it actually happened to him!

He described the day. He got home listless in the early afternoon and went straight to bed, but had difficulty falling asleep. To make the dreams come faster, he sat at the computer, wagered 80p on Mega Fortune Dreams and watched as his dreams were not only coming to him – they were coming true!

He Shared the Millions

Putting on his glasses in confusion, the Brit was shocked to read the number on the screen.

“It really has changed my life,” he said, “but it’s also changed other people’s lives for the good too.” The man distributed a million among his friends, and treated himself with an Aston Martin DB11 and got his father a Jaguar XJ.

What’s more, he is taking his family to Disneyland as he is now a retired man!


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