Paysafe Introduces New Payment Method for Bulking US Market

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Following the recent partnership deals with Visa and Vindicia and extended partnership with Google in five countries, global payments provider Paysafe Group has just announced a new single point of integration to its full range of payment solutions using a software API, available to all operators in the United States.

Paysafe Offers Unrivalled Range of Payment Products

Paysafe will offer unparalleled range of payment options and services to help operators capitalize on the emerging US iGaming opportunity as the markets opens up to online sports betting.

Operators using Paysafe can now access the full extent of Paysafe’s core alternative and future differentiated payments services, acquiring digital wallets (Skrill and NETELLER) and online prepaid solutions (paysafecard) using a software API.

Paysafe’s new single integration supports operators increase player acquisition and retention and helps them to offer streamlined player checkout experience and the ability to select several different ways to pay, either more traditional card acceptance options or alternative payment methods like Skrill and NETELLER that are used by 17 million consumers around the world.

Approximately 23% of US bettors stated the number of online payment method is the key to how they choose their sportsbook and 42% of them said they would switch to different payment method compared to the current one.

“Players want payment options which are seamless and secure, and which they don’t notice. Whether it’s traditional payments, digital alternatives or future innovations, it needs to be effortless,” Karim Ahmad, Paysafe’s Chief Product Officer, commented the launch.

“Paysafe has over 20 years’ experience in the payments industry and has spent a number of years partnering with leading businesses in the iGaming space, helping them to operate and scale at speed. Our solutions are established and widely recognized in this sector and cover the broadest range of payment methods, which is why Paysafe is now the unquestioned partner of choice for the iGaming industry.”

Paysafe’s API includes a business portal and refreshed developer journey for operators to manage their chosen payment integrations effectively.

Operators can also access this highly-customisable, behind-the-scenes business portal with analytics, financial reporting and reconciliation services that can be tailored depending on the job function of the user.

Simplifying the payment process, developers can focus on other revenue-generating areas, such as gaming features or front-end game design while Paysafe will concentrate on more advanced analytics, player and industry insights and dashboard reporting in the future.


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