Playtech Strengthens Security Measures for IMS Clients

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Being the world’s largest online gaming software supplier, Playtech is always committed to promoting the safe play and empowering licensees and players with advanced customer engagement and protection. Therefore, the company signed a strategic partnership with Featurespace, an industry leader in fraud prevention and risk management software, using Adaptive Behavioral Analytics and machine learning in early 2017 with full integration being implemented this week.

The deal was part of the Playetech’s strategy to further enhance its IMS platform.

The integration of Featurespace’s machine learning fraud detection has been finalized and the security of Playtech’s technology services clients has been upgraded. All Playtech’s licensees that are using the company’s Information Management System (IMS) will from now on be able to instantly identify fraud and therefore reduce such activity. All licensees that set up Featurespace as a third-party provider within IMS will benefit from their risk management software ARIC, a real-time, machine learning platform.

The officials at Playtech are more than satisfied that the integration is complete.

“We are developing industry-leading risk management technology and processes and Playtech’s IMS player management platform provides our licensees with the latest player protection protocols. I’m therefore delighted that our partnership and integration with Featurespace technology will enable us to further increase the quality and effectiveness of our offering.”

Machine learning ARIC platform detects fraud and risk management anomalies in individual player behavior in real time and in that way allows Playtech customers to strengthen their risk management, reduce fraud losses and increase revenue. At the same time ARIC aims to reduce the number of genuine, incorrectly sanctioned customers, significantly reducing poor player experience.

Licensees will be asked to send all previous data to Featurespace before the real-time investigations start. The occurrence of a set of pre-configured player events such as deposits, withdrawals and changes in personal information will trigger the alerts for IMS to send information to ARIC platform.

Playtech will now deliver higher security level for IMC users with this sophisticated best-of-breed fraud prevention solution and Featurespace are proud for their machine learning ARIC platform to be the one protecting and serving Playtech’s customers since both companies are committed to providing innovative solutions to the gaming sector.


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